4 Best Villagers In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Hey there, Animal Crossing fans! If you’re anything like me, then you can’t get enough of New Leaf. It’s the perfect escape from reality and a great way to relax after a long day.

I’m sure we all have our favorites when it comes to villagers in this game, but some are more special than others. In this article, I’ll be sharing my personal picks for the 4 best villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

So let’s dive right in and find out who made the cut!

Finding the perfect villager is an important part of any Animal Crossing experience – they add so much personality to your town and make it feel truly alive. But with so many characters to choose from, where do you start? Well, if you want the absolute cream of the crop, then look no further! These four amazing villagers will take your New Leaf journey to new heights.

Marshal The Squirrel

Marshal the Squirrel is one of the fan favorites in Animal Crossing New Leaf, and for good reason. He’s always up for a game of catch or tag and loves to show off his fancy footwork! His bright red cap and striped shirt give him an unmistakable look, making it easy to spot him from across town. Plus, he has some great catchphrases like ‘Golly gee willikers!’ that can really put a smile on your face.

Not only does Marshal have a lot of personality, but he also knows how to take care of himself. He’ll often be found around town doing DIY projects or just enjoying the scenery with friends. When it comes time to go shopping, you can count on him having something new-whether it’s clothes or furniture-he definitely knows how to stay stylish!

When it comes down to it, Marshal is hard not to love; whether you’re looking for someone who can make you laugh or provide you with quality items, this squirrel won’t disappoint! He may even challenge you to a friendly competition every now and then which gives you something fun and exciting to do while visiting his village.

All in all, Marshal makes living in Animal Crossing New Leaf even more enjoyable than ever before! His enthusiasm and overall positive attitude are infectious traits that make spending time with him worthwhile every single day. Whether you’ve been playing for years or are just starting out, Marshal deserves recognition as one of the best villagers in the game – no doubt about it!

With his charm and helpful nature there’s nothing stopping this little guy from becoming an Animal Crossing legend.

Savannah The Horse

Savannah the Horse

Savannah the Horse is one of the most popular Animal Crossing characters, and it’s no wonder why. She has a warm personality that always brightens up everyone’s day. Her catchphrase “Easy-peasy!” conveys her cheerful attitude about life and reminds us to keep things simple.

Savannah loves getting dressed up in fashionable outfits and she often changes her look depending on the season or occasion. She also enjoys going out for long walks around town, making sure to stop by all of the shops along the way. Savannah has an eye for detail and can be quite picky when it comes to fashion choices – but she never fails to make an impression with her unique style.

Another thing about Savannah that villagers find endearing is how kind and understanding she can be towards others. When someone isn’t feeling their best, Savannah will go out of her way to cheer them up with words of encouragement or a hug if needed.

This makes her one of the most beloved villager personalities in Animal Crossing New Leaf as well as many other games within the franchise.

In addition to being sweet and stylish, Savannah is also very smart and wise beyond her years – which adds even more appeal to this lovable horse character. Whether you’re looking for advice or just need someone to talk to, Savannah is always there with open ears ready to lend a helping hoof (or hand).

Kapp’n The Turtle

Kapp'n the Turtle

Kapp’n the Turtle is one of the best villagers in Animal Crossing New Leaf. This friendly and inviting turtle has a passion for singing and can often be found waltzing around town, spreading joy to all who cross his path.

With his bright personality and charming demeanor, Kapp’n can quickly become an integral part of any island paradise. Kapp’n loves to tell stories about his travels by sea and regale players with tales of adventure on distant shores. Players will often find themselves transfixed by his captivating yarns as they travel together through bustling ports or sail across tranquil oceans.

His positive attitude towards life serves as a reminder that even when things seem bleak, there’s always something worth exploring out there – if only you take the time to look! Players looking for upbeat vibes should definitely invite Kapp’n into their towns. He loves making new friends and will happily join them on fun fishing trips or leisurely beach strolls.

Whether it’s playing music with him at The Roost café, competing against him in minigames, or simply enjoying conversations over coffee – Kapp’n makes every day special in its own unique way. No matter what mood players are in, Kapp’n is sure to bring sunshine into their lives and make each moment truly memorable.

He’ll help turn simple days into unforgettable experiences full of laughter, friendship, and excitement – so don’t hesitate to extend an invitation today! Moving forward, Pecan the Squirrel awaits…

Pecan The Squirrel

Pecan The Squirrel

Pecan the Squirrel is one of the best villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She’s a peppy villager who loves to dress up and show off her personality with wild outfits. Her house has an outdoor theme, complete with beach chairs and umbrellas for decor. Pecan also loves music and dancing, making her great company for parties or just hanging out around town.

When it comes to getting along with other villagers, Pecan is as friendly as they come! She’s always eager to chat and make new friends, so she makes great neighbors when you have too many villagers living on your island. Plus, she can help answer any questions you have about how many villagers you can have in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Her upbeat attitude makes sure everyone has a good time whenever she’s around. Whether it’s singing karaoke at Club LOL or playing hide-and-seek with the other kids, Pecan ensures that life in your village will never be dull. Plus, if you ever need someone to accompany you on adventures outside of town – such as fishing trips or shopping sprees – Pecan would love nothing more than tagging along!

Here are some reasons why we think Pecan is one of the best villagers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

  • Always ready to lend an ear (or two!) during conversations
  • Cheerful demeanor brightens up any room
  • Fun activities like karaoke nights and fishing trips
  • Unconditional support no matter what adventure awaits

With all these amazing qualities, it’s clear that Pecan is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new neighbor in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! From lighthearted conversation to exciting getaways outside of town, there’s something special about having this cheerful squirrel around – which is why we highly recommend her as one of the best villagers available!


Wrapping up, the four best villagers in Animal Crossing New Leaf are Marshal, Savannah, Kapp’n and Pecan.

All of these animal friends bring something special to your game – whether it’s their goofy personalities or their unique designs.

My personal favorite is Marshal; his cool attitude and fun catchphrase always puts a smile on my face!

No matter which one you pick though, they all add a little extra sparkle to your island home.

From Marshal’s mischievousness to Pecan’s peppy positivity, each villager brings plenty of pizzazz that makes life in Animal Crossing even more enjoyable!

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