5 Things Your Competitors Do to Increase Instagram Engagement

Most brands on Instagram rave about the number of followers they have, and it’s certainly something to be proud of. However, gaining real Instagram followers is not a strenuous task since you can leverage the power of organic growth tools or marketing strategies.

Getting your engagement rate high can be the real grind for you. You may browse your competitors’ Instagram pages, only to leave in despair, wondering if they have utilized an Instagram bot to achieve this success. Engagement rate plays a key role in pushing your content to the top of your audience’s feed, and it’s always a great way to assess how well your audience is resonating with your content.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve mentioned 5 things your competitors do to increase Instagram engagement, so you can do the same and boost your engagement rate. Read below to discover!

1. They Actually Engage With Their Audience

If you assume social media to be a one-way street, you need to reconsider this. After all, it’s called social media for a reason. Your followers take out time to reply to your content, and not replying back can be a huge bummer for them as well as the potential followers.

Thus, you should actually engage with your audience by commenting back, even if it’s a simple “Thank You”. You can also heart their comments. All of this will show your true and positive intentions towards them, and they’d be willing to engage with your future posts too.

2. They Duplicate High-Performing Posts

You may notice that the kind of content your competitors post isn’t too different from the rest of their posts. They basically duplicate the best-performing posts.

Therefore, you should check out your last month’s Instagram analytics. Pay a closer look at the high-performing posts such as which posts got the highest number of likes, comments, shares, or saves.

You should use the same approach for your future posts and your audience will be happier to reengage. For instance, it can be the color scheme you used in the photo or the unique photography style.

In addition, you can re-post a few of your best-performing posts on your feed once in a while. This can also help you drive the engagement rate.

3. They Cross Promote

Most brands cross-promote their social media accounts to get the attention of a wider audience. For example, they may use their TikTok or Facebook account to promote their Instagram account and vice versa.

This is another great way to boost your engagement rate on Instagram. What you can do is tease, say, your upcoming clothing collection on your Facebook account and ask your Facebook audience to check out your Instagram page to know the details.

This way, you will be able to catch their attention and move them over to your Instagram account. As they discover your IG, they may even start following you and engaging with your future posts.

4. They Leverage Instagram Reels

Since the popularity of video content is surging in 2022, you should leverage Instagram Reels. They are short videos that capture the attention of Instagram users and allow you to reach a wider audience.

You can film a behind-the-scenes video, introduce your employees, or even subtly promote your business by creating informational content (or how-to) on the products you deal in. Make sure to add sound effects, filters, and text in the reels to compel the viewer to leave a like or comment.

5. They Keep an Eye on the Analytics

Last but not least, the built-in Instagram analytics are ideal in facilitating you to get to know your audience better as it’s akin to catering to their preferences and getting a higher engagement rate.

You should regularly keep checking your analytics. It can be related to the time they are most active, the kind of content they engage with the most, and the hashtags that drive the most traffic to your posts.

Monitoring your analytics will also allow you to tailor your content strategy accordingly and make your money and time worthwhile.

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