6 Important iTop VPN Features That Every Internet User Should Know!

Have you ever wondered what iTop VPN actually is? VPN is a Virtual Private Network service that expands a private network across public networks and allows the users to redirect data across the networks.

Initiated by Hong Kong-based Orange View Limited, iTop VPN is a new VPN that has been trending in the market since 2016. It is a trusted free VPN and enhances your privacy while you access any content on the internet.

You won’t believe it, but are VPN safe is the most common question asked on the internet? People use VPNs mainly to get access to data with online privacy and without geo-blocking. The main aim to get access to these is that the VPN you have installed is no lag vpn and safe to use. If the VPN you are using is not safe, then you might have to face the risks of data leakage and other conditions. But, the fact is, if you are using a paid version of itop VPN, your data is secure.

Let’s delve deeper and know why it has become the preferred choice of internet users.

  1. It works on iOS, Android, and Windows

What could be more interesting than using this reliable service on any of the operating systems? The only requirement that itop VPN needs are windows 7 or an advanced version, iOS 12.0 or an advanced version, Android 5.0, and macOS. It has no native apps for different technologies, and no configuration files.

  1. It provides unlimited speed and bandwidth

Users demand high-speed free VPN because the majority of free providers run on slow-speed connections. On the other hand, itop VAN is a steady network and provides you with a lightning-fast connection. If you are a premium account holder, you can avail the benefit of no data usage restriction, along with a high connection speed that can be 10-15 times faster in comparison to those provided to free account holders. What’s interesting is it controls the bandwidth of free users to keep away the network congestion.

  1. 4+ Simultaneous connections

Another benefit of having a premium account is that it gives you access to 5 logins at the moment. You could protect many devices if VPN supports at least a few popular routers.

  1. Safer encryption of data

VPN provider reroutes a tunnel to send data safely and confidentially. Here, itop VPN uses military-grade encryption and makes it unfeasible and impractical for everyone to keep a track of your data. It then uses Kill Switch (it prevents data leaks and protect privacy with security feature) to strengthen the security.

  1. It provides high-quality free VPN servers

Do you know that iTop VPN has more than 100 free servers spread in 6 countries? These servers can provide a high-speed connection and let you enjoy surfing without a drop. Also, it features split tunneling that allows you to protect particular mobile apps. You can avail this benefit with the ad-supported Android version.

  1. Smart location

It also features a smart location that lets you automatically connect to the most stable and fastest server. Furthermore, itop VPN hides your IP address and modifies your location to break internet censorship and geo-restriction. With this, you can unblock Urls from anywhere. You can even stream Netflix or Snapchat with ease.

FAQ’s Related to itop VPN

Here are a few FAQs that most users search on the internet to solve their queries.

a. How many devices does itop VPN support?

Itopn VPN can support uptop 5 devices simultaneously.

b. Does itop VPN have advanced encryption protocols?

Though it doesn’t have encryption protocols, still keeps your data safe and secured. It features a strict no-logging policy that keeps your data protected even if your internet connections fail. It features DNS protection, TCP, HTTP UDP, encryption protocols, 56-bit encryption, and more. UDP encryption in VPN ensures higher speed networks. HTTP in VPN helps in data transfer, and TCP in VPN delivers the data to the router.

Take Away Thoughts

So, with the best free VPN, you can surf the internet from anywhere and stream on social platforms. Do you know any other advanced features of itop VPN? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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