6 Steps to Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

Social media already secured the status of reliable and effective communication and marketing channel that has been rather successfully competing with conventional emails. Currently, a growing number of companies, including the most traditional ones, have established their digital presence on various social media. If you, too, decided to launch a Facebook or Instagram account for your brand, you are on the right track already. However, you should be aware of one of the most common mistakes people make, especially if they consider themselves to be real social media Pro, is that they treat their business account as if it were another personal one. A company’s page is not about the number of followers or regular visitors, in the first and foremost place it is about having an engaged audience loyal to your brand regardless of their geographical location. An audience that is genuinely interested in your company and its products leads to better brand recognition and higher sales rates. However, sometimes, everyone could use a helping hand, so you could use an automated tool. If you’re trying to reach a wider audience on Twitter, for example, you could take advantage of the best place to buy real Twitter followers to boost engagement without you doing any of the work.

Follow these easy six steps to better engage your customers on social media and see its magic for yourself.

  1. Strategy-Based Approach

When it comes to a personal page, one can post whatever and whenever they want no matter if what they post has a clear-cut objective or if they are doing it just in a spur of the moment. But from the business perspective, this approach is wrong. Just like every business is based on a pre-developed business plan, a company’s social media account should have a balanced strategy. So, before even creating a business page, you should have a very precise understanding of the target audience, your social media objectives and indicators to evaluate your performance by. And the strategy should comprise all these factors.

  1. Add a Touch of Professionalism to Your Page

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If you want your current and potential customers to believe you are a true professional in whatever sphere you operate, then you should act like one, meaning that every little detail associated with your company must have a high-quality look. And your activities on social media are no exception. Give the highest attention to the content you publish, make sure to diversify it to attract attention (for example, add audio to photo, make fancy backgrounds, create your own stickers, etc.). Every post on your brand’s account must look professionally designed and in line with your business concept guidelines. For instance, how can you persuade your potential client that the service you offer is top level, if the Facebook post advertising this particular service looks poorish and amateur? To tackle this issue, you can always resort to Facebook ad templates available online.

  1. Be a Subject Matter Expert 

Even the most devoted followers will gradually grow tired of your page, if the content you post is only about your brand and the goods or services it provides. It’s a good thing to give your followers an impression that you are aware of all trends and novelties in your business sphere, and that your company is actively evolving and keeps up with global tendencies. This can be achieved by posting some scientific and research data, reposting content from well-respected experts and sharing some professional insights. If you make your posts really interesting (please, stay away from Wikipedia) and relevant to your audience’s needs, this will score you a big number of comments, reposts, and saved posts, which is a very positive achievement.

  1. Interact with Your Community

Interaction is probably the most crucial component of follower engagement. Everything you do on your social media pages, you do for the sake of your customers in order to get a high level of response from them. Organizing various kinds of polls and surveys, asking your followers to share their ideas and experiences in comments is the best way to turn your post into a two-way communication and feedback channel. By adhering to this principle you will kill two birds with one stone: firstly, it will help you stay tuned with regard to the customer’s most current needs and requests; secondly, it will send them a message that you really care about your audience and want to hear back from them.

  1. Don’t Forget about Giveaways and Contests 

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Let’s be honest – everybody likes getting gifts and presents no matter how small they are.  Perhaps, this is part of our human nature or, maybe, it gives us the winner’s spirit, because of all the contesters it was you who got the prize in the end. Our advice is that you make use of this situation and organize frequent contenders and giveaways on your page. As a result, you’ll get a more committed community of followers and win their sympathy and loyalty. This is especially crucial for small businesses which are only making their first steps on social media.

  1. Post Regularly

Last but not least – consistency matters. If you don’t make regular posts, your brand account will easily get lost among thousands of rival pages, while active systematic contributions will create certain established patterns that your followers will be looking forward to.

Is There Step 7?

Of course, these are only basic steps for you to consider when starting a social media account for your company. You can use them as a foundation to further build on your own steps based on your own experience and preferences.

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