6 Tips on Handling Essays for ESL Students

Language acquisition is a process. The same is true for writing essays. No one is born with perfect writing and speaking skills. Both native speakers and those whose English is their second language have to polish their writing.

As you go to college or university, one of your main goals is to be productive. It is relevant to write paper and assignment that would be worthy of a high grade. How to achieve success if you feel some drawbacks of being an ESL student? No worries, we’ve got you.

Remember that success is always a journey. Don’t demand too much from yourself in the beginning. Slowly and gradually, you would become better and better at writing and mastering the language. The only thing you need is optimism and motivation to get higher.

Reading is a must

It may seem obvious, but reading is essential. Learning formal rules is the first step, then it is a matter of practice. You will remember the grammatical patterns and get new vocabulary. Moreover, reading boosts your creativity and encourages you to think.

You can start with simplified versions of texts. They are real ice breakers and can ease your fear of classic or modern literature. As an alternative, you can start with original texts of your choice. They may be more difficult to process, but you should give yourself time.

Whatever you read and whenever you read, it will benefit you. Any qualified paper writer would agree that without reading, it is impossible to polish your style. Let this part of your journey become one of the most enjoyable.

It’s all about the details

When writing for the first time, you may experience negative feelings. Discomfort means that you are leaving the zone of known to you things. And it allows you to grow and become better. Therefore, discomfort is a good sign: you are on the right path.

You will be constantly reminded about the essay structure and formal rules. We won’t repeat those rules that you heard over and over again. Yet, here are our tips to make your writing better:

  • Avoid run-on sentences. A run-on sentence is a sentence that has two or more independent clauses. Use proper punctuation to avoid confusion. Begin with writing simple but cohesive sentences. Your fluency will be evident soon with practice.
  • Synonyms are friends of students. Sometimes they may be your arch-nemesis, but rich vocabulary reduces the chances to get a bad grade.
  • Always double-check the spelling. Better to search for correct spelling if you doubt it than submit an essay full of errors.
  • Always reread and edit your first draft.

Always practice

You don’t have to spend every free minute practicing your academic writing. Sometimes it is important to distract from all assignments and papers. But it would be a big pro if you turn writing into your greatest strengths.

The goal of any essay is to clearly express ideas and support them. In such a manner, as you practice your writing skill, you also boost your ability to communicate with people. Look at this as an essential part of human experience. We all strive to be better at understanding each other.

Try to work with free writing prompts and speak more with your peers. The switching from the language students usually speak with their family and friends is a challenge. So, you have to train your ability to think in English. It would be hard, but the results are rewarding.

Use all tools available

There are a plethora of free and paid apps for academic assistance. You just have to look at the convenient options for you and choose what is the best. This process also requires some time. You have to try working with different tools and make sense out of them. For instance:

  • Grammarly spots small mistakes in grammar and spelling. It is perfect both for beginners in writing and pro writers.
  • Evernote allows you to scan documents and synchronize your study materials across devices.
  • Plagiarism checkers are a must for any student and help you to master your paraphrasing and citing.
  • Working in Google Docs would increase your productivity and reduce the chances of your paper disappearing if it wasn’t saved.
  • Apps that help you to focus are perfect for students who struggle with attention.

If you are lost and confused, you can contact your college or university and ask for advice. Many colleges and universities have specific tools created for their usage. It can be anything from internal VPN networks to a subscription to academic libraries and databases.

Many universities provide their students with writing blogs and free workshops. All you need to do is to stay updated. Don’t hesitate to apply for summer schools and events that are accessible for you.

Accept constructive criticism

Criticism is an essential part of growth. Be ready to receive some negative and mixed feedback and never take them personally. Our ego always says we are right in any situation. Indeed, it is important to differentiate personal attacks from attempts to help.

You have to let your guard down for that. Your supervisors and lecturers are walking the same journey as you. They are your greatest allies during your college or university years.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It is normal to struggle throughout the process. Once in a while, even those who never talk about it sometimes have thoughts to quit everything. The goal is to overcome the hardships and go on. Your goal is to look for the strengths and weaknesses and evaluate them.

It is hard to work alone on big projects. Thus, you can always ask for academic advice from your professor. You can also collaborate with your peers and share your workload.

At the same time, you can look for external help if needed. It is not a crime to look for professional assistance. You may start with broad requests in Google to specifically “write my research paper on WritePaper.com” one. In the end, it matters that you learn and improve in the future.

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