7 Ways Video Games Can Improve the Workplace

Tech start-ups have become synonymous with digital entertainment for their employees. A fully furnished gaming den complete with large screen displays, comfy seating areas, and quality sound and lighting is not uncommon in their offices. This is because the millennial workforce has completely challenged how office spaces are designed. Long gone are the days when a working espresso machine, stocked fridge, and chessboard impressed employees.

Today’s office spaces incorporate a gym, wellness space, gaming area, and lounge where employees can unwind and socialize. While the older generation will dismiss this as a pointless millennial craze, studies show that playing video games at work is beneficial to employee well-being. A well-cared-for workforce then translates to a more productive workplace.

Video games improve work relationships.

It is not unusual for some people to have the notion that they are at the office to work and not make friends. Workplace relationships, on the other hand, are crucial. Full-time employees spend a considerable amount of time at the office, making a good working relationship with colleagues vital.

Video games bring people together in a fun way that lets them loosen up. Bonding over Street Fighter V is not to be overlooked, as it can bring together two employees who wouldn’t have any conversation at the lounge area. This in turn solidifies the teamwork culture at the office.

Video games help employees exercise their minds.

A fifteen-minute break at the gaming den can provide employees with the mental stimulation they need to get them through the rest of the day. In addition to mental stimulation, video games improve perception, thus exercising your brain. In recent studies, real-time strategy games were found to improve the brain’s ability to adapt to new or changing events.

Apart from cognitive flexibility, the study showed that video game players had improved decision-making skills in real time. At work, decision-making and flexibility are two skills that enable your employees to stay ahead of your competition.

Video games translate to a less stressed workforce.

Even in the absence of a toxic working environment, today’s workplace can be stressful. This is because businesses are required to stay afloat by having employees work hard and meet their deadlines and targets. While a good stress ball can be helpful, video games can work their magic.

Video games relieve stress and rejuvenate stressed-out workers. This is especially true when workers play games that are fun and effortless to unwind with. In addition to being fun, gaming spaces help workers break from their desks and relax in more fun and relaxed spaces. Were it not for these spaces, some employees would be cramped up at their desks on their eight-hour shift.

Video games are a better option than office gambling.

While gambling is not a bad recreational activity, office gambling can easily turn into an unhealthy obsession. Unlike gambling while at home for profit or fun, gambling at the office can lead to elevated levels of regular gambling. This in turn puts employees at risk of problem gambling, which comes with several financial and relationship consequences.

Despite the fact that regulators such as the Swedish Gaming Authority provide help through spelpaus, a free self-exclusion service within its jurisdiction, problem gambling is a difficult addiction to overcome. To help employees avoid falling prey to office gambling, video games act as a much-needed distraction. Furthermore, unlike online gambling, which can be easily accessed from mobile devices, video games necessitate physical presence at the gaming establishment. Hence, giving players the power to control how much time they spend playing video games.

Video games increase employee retention.

Frankly, the video game craze at the workplace was mainly to attract a younger workforce and also retain them. Actually, the trend has become more common in San Francisco’s Bay Area, which is known for its tech-savvy community and start-ups. A younger workforce brings in the required talent pool to propel tech companies. Gaming spaces acted as attractive perks that came with working at these companies.

Apart from attracting new talent, long-term working relationships often result in improved business outcomes. This is mainly because employees trust each other and have learned to collaborate and complement each other.

Video games are an ideal team-building activity.

Team-based multiplayer video games can be a great idea for a team-building activity on a Saturday afternoon. Instead of investing in costly activities, employees pull out some drinks and turn on the screens. Colleagues, for example, can bond over the team-based version of Left 4 Dead 2. In this game, survivors are on one team while the infected are on the other team. In such a case, workmates would not need any calculated effort to turn this into a team-building exercise.

Like most team-building activities, the results are improved communication, which will help employees work on projects better. Furthermore, new bonds will be formed to fill existing gaps. When the employees are closely knit as a community, the company will thrive.

Video games increase productivity.

As aforementioned, playing video games translates into better relationships at work, less stress, and improved skills such as decision-making, creative thinking, and problem-solving. Employees who are able to achieve this become productive, thus skyrocketing performance in their departments.

In addition, with a motivated workforce all the company deadline and targets are met on time. This then adds up to increased leads and sales which help the company stay afloat. Moreover, the company is able to stay ahead of competition thus leading in its category. However, video games can’t be the only incentive offered to increase productivity. Employees will need bonuses and a good work culture.

The wrap-up

Video games help employees achieve a lot naturally. It’s incredible what a game such as Mortal Combat, Splatoon 2, and Witch It can add to the workplace. From mental health wellness to improved communication skills to increased productivity in their projects, the benefits can’t be overlooked. In fact, gaming experts will tell the human resources department to simply buy an Xbox and cut team-building costs.

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