Are Comparison Sites Trustworthy?

Finding an online casino that perfectly meets your demands definitely isn’t an easy thing to do. Simply, today’s online casino industry is huge and measures in billions of dollars. There are virtually thousands of websites that offer such a service and each one of them tries to stand out in a different way. Some are better in terms of bonuses, others offer more games. Also, there are many more things to consider, such as customer support, payment methods etc.

With such a huge number of websites and their diversity, it’s pretty much impossible to check all of them by yourself. Even if you want to go through the most popular names only, you would need hours to do basic research, if not days. That’s why comparison sites exist, to save your time.

Are comparison sites trustworthy?

So, the logical question is if these comparison sites are trustworthy or not. It’s impossible to give a straight answer because there are both pros and cons. So, we will take you on a quick tour to show you both good and bad things about these websites, and then we’ll try to give a final conclusion.


There are several great things about online casino comparison websites. Some of the things that come to our minds are time-saving, comprehensive information and convenience.


This is probably the strongest point of comparison websites. As we already mentioned, the number of online casinos is huge and if you want to check all of them by yourself, you should be ready to spend days on researching. With comparison websites, this process is significantly shorter. Simply, most of them show some kind of a table, where the websites are ordered by the overall score, while the biggest strengths of each website are usually pointed out in a couple of taglines.

Obviously, those websites that have a good score are worth trying. So, all you need to do is to check those with the highest score and read short descriptions to find out if a certain website has all the things you need in the offer.

Complete Information

These comparison websites are usually run by experts or enthusiasts. So, the aforementioned overall score is usually calculated in the way that various aspects are considered. This score is usually a result of comprehensive research that includes different aspects. For example, things like the number and quality of games are considered, as well as their variety. Furthermore, results also come from comparing aspects like payment methods, easiness of use, customer support and many other things.

All in all, if a certain website is ranked high, that’s because it is strong in all fields.


Comparison websites are convenient in many ways but the thing we probably like most is that they don’t show overall scores only, but rate websites by specific criteria as well. So, you can usually select different categories and rate websites from different aspects. That’s very important because we all have different preferences. Some of us care more about slot games, others prefer live casino games. Also, bonuses are very important to some people, while many players choose websites that offer the most convenient payment methods.

Also, most of these websites offer lists that include things like taglines, pros and cons. So, you can easily see if a certain casino is for you, after just a couple of sentences.


Not All Casinos Are Included In Comparison

This is probably the biggest issue that comes to our minds. Even though some websites have huge libraries of reviewed online casinos, many of them are still missing. So, there’s a big chance that some specific casinos won’t be included in the comparison. Still, major houses are present on most comparison websites.

Affiliate Websites

Many of these are actually affiliate websites, which receive a commission fee for directing players to specific online casinos. Obviously, this means that editors have an interest in writing positively about casinos. Still, that doesn’t mean that all of these online casinos are bad. You just need to look for other sources to get a clearer picture.

Still Someone’s Opinion, After All

Even though all kinds of algorithms are used in these comparisons, they are still products of humans. We are still talking about someone’s opinion, which can be less or more relevant.


As you can see, comparison websites have both good and bad sides. Still, our humble opinion is that they can be extremely useful when choosing a casino for you. Of course, you shouldn’t take everything they say for granted, but they can definitely be a useful part in a process of making a final decision. They aren’t 100% accurate, but they can give you a relatively clear picture, and more importantly, they will save a lot of your precious time.

Best Comparison Websites


This is one of the highest reputable comparison websites within around, which evaluates online casinos in so many different ways. Various aspects are part of the calculation, including things like the number of games, types of games, bonuses, wagering requirements, payment methods, licenses etc. The best thing is that you can select two or more casinos and compare them directly. That definitely helps with making the right choice.


Foxbonus collective is another major player in the business. This website also compares casinos in different ways. Whether it’s about the number and types of games, or bonuses and payment methods, you may count on detailed reviews and comprehensive comparisons between different online casinos. This comparison website also pays a lot of attention to mobile playing, so you can quickly find out which websites are most mobile-friendly.


This is probably the oldest website of this kind and it is still extremely popular. The main reason is that it offers you the possibility to quickly compare two casinos, clearly pointing out winners in each category. Besides these comparisons, you can also find reviews, tutorials, explanations and other useful content.

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