Are Shotguns in Games Accurate?

Gamers and gun enthusiasts often enjoy blasting their enemies away during close-quarter gunfights prevalent in the latest games. We don’t sometimes don’t even acknowledge the accuracy of their performance as we indulge in fascinating shootouts.

Do you want to learn about the difference between gaming shotguns and live-action shotguns? If yes, continue reading this article. We will first discuss why shotguns are one of the coolest firearms prominently featured in the latest games.

Shotguns in Video Games: Are They Accurate?

Shotguns have been a staple firearm in the gaming industry. There are FPS games like Doom, Quake, and Halo that revolutionized the use of shotguns. However, the performance and accuracy of real-life shotguns differ in the real world.

A real-life shotgun shoots either buckshot rounds or slugs. A single buckshot round is a composition of metal pellets, gunpowder, and casing. Once fired towards a target, the lethal range of a buckshot round ranges up to 50 yards/ 45 meters. The slug is a single metallic round or projectile made from copper, lead, or other hardened material. One slug can reach a range of 100 yards/ 90 meters.

Many shooters prefer to use shotguns for close-quarter gun fights. The buckshot is ideal for close ranges since it sprays a target with deadly pellets. Suppose you are a hunter wanting to use a shotgun, you can select from different sights for shotguns that can increase your accuracy. When using a shotgun for hunting, slugs are the ideal projectiles since they are designed for long-range take-downs of large games.

Now that we have an approximate range for real-life shotguns, we can now discuss shotguns found in games. In real-life combat, a typical infantryman with a combat shotgun engages a target within 300-700 meters. This happens most of the time during and after the first and second world wars.

However, from the 1980s to the 1990s, we both saw the development of rebellious groups terrorizing the whole world. It also was the era where computers saw massive leaps of development. Thus, video games for computers and consoles were born.

Why are some video game shotguns not that accurate?

Gaming developers realized that if they place a player fighting an enemy at realistic combat distances, they will be instantly killed before even getting a glance at an enemy AI. It is why many games now feature Special Force Units as their protagonists.

Games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and F.E.A.R. relies on using CQC to give an immersive experience to players. Aside from that, these games feature combat shotguns for close-quarter duels.

It is a good move for game developers to place players in a CQB situation where they can see the facial expressions of their enemies. Real-life Counter-terrorists units often engage enemy combatants at close quarters. These special mission units are often tasked with hostage rescue, intelligence extraction, and even eliminating high-value targets.

There are also games like Counter-Strike, where there are a plethora of shotguns to choose from. The science-fiction world of Halo, particularly Combat Evolved, requires us to use a fictional shotgun to effectively deal with a dangerous galactic threat known as The Flood. Today, there is a growing number of video games exploring an open-world approach to their players. We will now discuss some games that take shotgun realism seriously and right on cue.

Games that Feature Realistic Shotguns

There are many video games available on the market. The modern-day internet provides us with many app markets where we can get these games. Let us now discuss some famous games that have realistic shotgun physics.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Games

There is now an upcoming revival of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series. The original and first game from the brand features different shotguns. Set in a fictional setting known as the Zone, an unknown artifact causes many metaphysical anomalies to appear.

Aside from that, there is the threat of radiation that mutated some of the Zone’s wildlife. While playing the game, you may enjoy using the Kozlice shotgun, or the iZH-54 shotgun to blast out mutants and enemy NPCs. The spread of either the buckshot round and slugs are realistic with their respective ranges. You can also choose whether to load your shotgun with buckshot or slug rounds depending on the opponents you encounter in-game.

ARMA 3: RHS Mods, NiArms, CUP Weapons, and Contact Mod

Arma 3 can be known as either a MilSim game or FPS/RPG military video game. Developed by Bohemia Studios, the game Arma 3 is the third installment of the ARMA – Armed Assault franchise. The latest official mod of the game known as Contact pits players against an extraterrestrial threat.

Apart from otherworldly visitors, you may come upon a group of looters armed with realistic shotguns engaging you at 150-200 meters. It is a realistic depiction of real-life shotgun engagements. We have to remind you to first get the Contact mod to see the game’s newest shotgun models via Arma 3’s Eden editor

However, if you fancy making your own missions, we recommend modding the game with some weapon mods. Installing the RHS mods will give you some of the realistic shotguns from the modern arsenal of both Western and Eastern Bloc countries. You can then blast your opponents depending on what type of rounds you will assign to your player/ AI squads.


Shotguns are meant for close-quarter engagements. Buckshot rounds spray targets with many metal pellets, while singular shotgun slugs are projectiles used for hunting big game. Whatever you choose, we recommend installing a compatible gun sight to your preferred shotgun model.

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