Be Careful About Roulette Scams & Frauds!

The casino game roulette is one of the most popular games at both non GamStop casinos and land-based gambling venues. However, there are many ways roulette scammers try to cheat casinos. Of course, it is useful for all players to familiarize themselves with the most prominent examples of fraud in roulette. However, you should not let your appetite for risk as a gambler lead you to try any of these strategies in non GamStop casinos. Why? Because the result will always be counterproductive, you will not get thousands of dollars of casino in safety and peace. You won’t be invited to the VIP club, they won’t even let you leave. You will be arrested and charged with a heavy fine or imprisonment. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with roulette fraud strategies out of curiosity only!

Short Explanation of the Roulette Rules

As with many other non GamStop casinos games, the name of roulette comes from French. The meaning is ‘small wheel’ and that is logically also the element that is central to the game. Roulette has been around since the 18th century and is still very popular. Although there are several variants of roulette available at the casino, we briefly explain the rules of the regular version here.

The game is led by a croupier who has to watch the bets of players and throws a small ball into the wheel. Until the dealer says ‘no more bets’ or ‘rien ne va plus’, players can place their bets by placing chips on the betting board. In addition to betting on one number, players can also bet on, for example:

  • Even/odd numbers
  • High or low numbers
  • Red or black numbers
  • Columns, rows or series

How many times a player can win back the bet depends on the number of numbers the player bets on. The house edge for the casino is because the payout is based on 36 numbers, while there are 37 numbers on the wheel in European roulette and 38 numbers on American roulette.

In a regular version of roulette, where there is no roulette fraud, the house edge in the ‘French’ version with 36 numbers is 2.7%. In the American version with 38 numbers, because there is a 0 and a 00 on the wheel, this is 5.26%. At an illegal casino or, for example, when playing a roulette game online with fraudulent software, the house advantage can be artificially increased. So always pay close attention to the safety and reliability of the non GamStop casino where you play!

The Most Famous Forms of Cheating at Roulette

There are many ways casino scammers try to cheat. A well-known way that malicious players often use is placing their chip too late or moving their chip. This is not possible in a normal online game because the software is made in such a way that the chips block as soon as ‘no more bets’ is called. At a land-based casino, the dealer will have to keep a close eye on the playing field to prevent this type of roulette fraud. In addition, players may not touch the chips until the dealer has deposited any winnings.

Stealing chips from others also occurs. Casino scammers do this cleverly by distracting both the players and the croupiers at the roulette table. Also, scammers use more sophisticated methods of cheating. This can vary from manipulating the wheel so that the ball falls more often on, for example, red or black, or manipulating the ball so that it can be steered. There are also stories where people use mobile phones that contain software that can predict where the ball will end up.

Roulette Fraud Prevention at Land-Based Casinos & Non GamStop Casinos

Casinos are committed to exposing roulette cheats. When playing roulette online, it is virtually impossible for players to cheat. The software is designed in such a way that payouts are automatic and chips cannot be moved once the game has started. In addition, online casinos use a RNG to determine which number the ball will land on. That is why little can go wrong with a safe and reliable casino.

This is different at a land-based casino. Here it is also important for you as a legal and fair player to pay close attention. In addition, at a legal casino there is always video surveillance and it can be checked whether everyone at the table is playing fairly. In addition, it is important that the croupier is sharp and quickly recognize players who cheat. This can be done by sending players who have their hands on the chips when this is no longer allowed. It is also true that people who win very often are of course extra monitored.

Famous Roulette Scams

A well-known example of a roulette scam took place in London in 2004. A group of casino visitors won over £1 million at the Ritz Club Casino through sector targeting. The players used a scanner connected to a computer outside the casino. By means of this technology they were able to predict approximately where the ball would end up and therefore use it in a more targeted manner. Interestingly enough, this roulette scam was not punished by the English courts. It was not considered roulette cheating and so the men were acquitted.

One of the most legendary roulette scams took place in France in 1973. A casino employee, his brother-in-law and his sister came up with an inventive way to win money. The ball with which people played roulette in the casino was adapted by the casino employee and provided with a transmitter. The sister had the on/off button on the ball in a pack of cigarettes. If they pressed this, they could predict with 90% certainty where the ball would end up. The brother-in-law placed the bets and together they could win over a million dollars with this clever roulette scam.


There are many more examples online of how people have tried to cheat at roulette, but many have been caught out because they either didn’t practice well enough, or became too eager and played too long, or were just too flashy and they got caught.

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