Best No Deposit Bonus Code Sweepstakes Casino: Coins, Cash & Free Spins 

Online sweepstakes casinos have become extremely popular in the past year or two. With so many excellent operators to choose from, how do you go about finding the best sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes to use?

If you’re new to the world of sweepstakes, it’s essential to understand what each individual bonus offer entails, which is what will be discussed in this comprehensive guide. You’ll find out all you need to know about no deposit casino offers, as well as getting the opportunity to pick up some exclusive codes along the way.

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Top Sweepstakes & Social Casinos with no deposit bonuses

  • Provides the best overall sweepstakes experience
  • Fortune Coins: Delivers the best new customer bonus
  • Pulsz: Holds the best gaming portfolio

Compare online sweepstakes casinos for Offers

The table below, will display a little more about the best sweepstakes casinos, including the types of games and bonuses on offer.

Operator Best for Games Bonus Stakes Originals

High payout slots

Feature spins

800+ titles, Feature Games, Stakes originals. 5% Rakeback bonus on losses with code MIKBONUS
Pulsz Casino Virtuals

Lots of Slot titles

Video Slots, Table Games, Virtuals. FREE play

15 and 30 free Sweepstakes Coins

Fortune Coins 3 Bonus offers

Themed Games

Themed Games, 60 Titles to select. 140k Gold Coins

500 Fortune Coins

Win Money Playing at Sweepstakes Casinos

There is one ultimate selling point that offers, which rivals free sweepstakes casino bonus operators. Most free sweepstakes casino bonus operators do not offer a 5% rakeback refund like When using this offer, new players can receive a 5% refund to any losses incurred while playing.

This can help players gain a vital edge if they are looking to show an overall profit. The information in this guide will tell you all you need to know about rakeback and the best sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes available on the market.

How Does The Currency System Work?

Social casinos are focused on the fun element of playing. Therefore, virtual currency replaces real money play. The two types of virtual currency are Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Sweeps coins are won by playing games or competitions, whereas Gold Coins can be purchased or given with welcome offers

How Does The Coin System Work?

Sweepstakes games offer a new way for players looking for some entertainment, to play without risking any of their own money. This is done by allowing users to use Gold coins and sweepstakes coins to play games and partake in competitions.

Although these currencies have no value in terms of money, they can be traded-in for prizes at the sweeps casino. If players use all their coins, they have the option to buy more, using real cash.

How To Play Without Buying Coins?

The previous paragraph conveniently leads us to the common question, above. The easiest way to achieve this would be by using our recommended sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes. Sites like, however, do offer a daily bonus, just for making the effort to log in each day!

How To Get Free Sweeps Coins?

Sweepstakes casinos often offer sweeps coins within their welcome bonus offers when you first register your account.  When looking for your free no deposit casino bonus offers, always consider this if you will be wishing to play sweepstakes games.

Best No Deposit Sweepstakes Casinos

Many new players find the process of searching for the best Sweepstakes Casinos a little bit overwhelming. We recommend sites like, Fortune Coins and Pulsz.The top sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes were found at, which will be explained in the next

 The Best Sweepstakes Casino:

  • Huge choice of slot titles
  • 5% rakeback bonus available
  • Live member chat feed
  • Daily prizes, competitions and tournaments

When using our exclusive promo code, MIKBONUS, new players joining can claim a 5% rakeback bonus on any losses made. This can become useful for players, especially considering some of the games available within the the stake originals section of the website have a 99% return-to-player payout percentage.

Furthermore, since the “house edge” held by is therefore 1%, when players play games that have a 99% return-to-player percentage, the house edge remains as low as 1%.  Considering are offering a 5% rakeback refund, and it doesn’t require a mathematics degree to figure out this one of the best sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes to use right now.

Unique are also currently the only sweepstakes operator who provide their players the chance to win crypto prizes. There are also a wide range of casino titles to play when visiting, with exciting games provided by reputable software providers such as Pragmatic Play and Hacksaw Gaming. There are also games from Playtech and other leading software giants.

Stake’s originals

Players that enjoy playing games that have a high return-to-player percentage should head to the Stake’s originals section of the website. There are many titles in the 95-99% return-to-player percentage (RTP) bracket to choose from. However, players can also find popular games such as Buffalo Stack N’ sync, Keno and Curse of the Werewolf in there too.

Fortune Coins Casino

Fortune Coins have a generous offering of 140,000 free gold coins, as well as 500 Fortune Coins, for new customers which work the same as typical sweeps coins.

  • 400 Fortune Coins FREE
  • 140K Gold Coins FREE
  • $5,000 a day withdrawal limit
  • Can play in most US States

The difference on Fortune Coins’ website, versus a typical standard social casino site, is that  they do give their players the opportunity to win cash prizes. To enable players the ability to redeem a Fortune Coins cash prize, their Fortune Coins balance must be over 5,000.

Pulsz Casino

  • Pulsz rewards and loyalty program
  • 300 + Vegas Casino style games
  • Free social casino games
  • 30 free sweep coins

Pulsz is a good option for players looking to play some with some free sweepstakes coins, without the need to deposit any real money. The current free offering is a 2.3 free sweepstakes coins bonus, which can be used on table games and slots. This offering is a good idea for any new sweeps players who are unsure whether they’ll enjoy playing these types of games or not.

There are better value deals, however, mentioned below. These require a bit more commitment, rather than free play, but are a generous offering.  The current Pulsz free no deposit casino bonus has two offers, displayed below.

Pulsz Casino Bonus – 16,125 Gold Coins for $9.99

The first option for new players is 16,125 Gold Coins, available for $9.99. Players also receive 15 Sweepstake Coins free, as part of the bonus.

Pulsz Casino Bonus – 38,250 Gold Coins for $19.99

The more investment shown, the more generous the rewards become. For $19.99 new players can opt to receive 38,250 Gold Coins, as well as 30 Sweepstake Coins, as part of the bonus.

Despite currently having no live casino games, Pulsz makes up for that by offering a wide choice of titles, with old favorite games among these, like  The Dog House Megaways Slot, Day of the Dead, Money Cart 2, Great Rhino Slot, and Gates of Olympus.

Pulz also has an app that can be downloaded for use on both Android and Apple devices.

How to choose new sweeps casinos

Choosing a new no deposit casino is not an easy choice to make, since there are so many new websites appearing. However, the criteria below contain some of the features you should keep an eye out for when selecting your new sweepstakes casino operator.

Game selection

It is important that the site you choose provides your favorite games, or at least the kind of games you prefer to play. For example, if you have favorite titles, take a moment to check the search bar if these slots appear on the site you like the look of.

There is little point in signing-up to a new sweeps site if the site does not supply the games you enjoy playing. It may be worth checking the titles of the games before diving into the welcome offer available. This is especially important for players who enjoy playing a specific type of game.

For example, a player who prefers games with big-payouts and high volatility would not be suited to a site that mostly offered 97%+ return-to-player payouts. Although the 97%+ return-to-player payouts site would produce more frequent winning streaks, the payouts will often have limits.

Offers and free sweeps

Everyone loves a freebie, and the operators supplying sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes know this! The welcome offer should not be the sole concern for a new player, take time to check the website is displayed in a way that you can easily navigate around, and the menu system is displayed well.

Cash prizes

Please be mindful that not every sweepstakes website will offer cash prizes. It is recommended to check this prior to registering for any sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes, to avoid disappointment.

Is there an app available?

Although most modern websites now provide almost the same functionality on their mobile version of the website as an app, some players do prefer to have an app available to download. For players wishing to download an app, please check the website before signing up. For sites that do not have a downloadable app, an efficient option would be to create a shortcut on the “home screen” of your device.

What to look out for on sweepstakes casino sites?

Apart from ensuring personal preferences are met, when looking for your new sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes, check the basic needs are met first. The section below provides a few handy hints on some “must-haves” that every new player should consider.


Online social casino websites do not have the same licensing requirements as a standard casino site, if no real money is being played. Readers can be reassured that our recommended websites within this page,, Fortune Coins and Pulsz have all passed compliance during our previous review. Fortune Coins, for example, are part of the Social Gaming LLC group, based in New York, so the site complies with all the required US laws and is therefore a legal operator for online social gaming.


It is important for new players to choose a site  that is easy to navigate around, since this can make user experience a lot easier and less time consuming, especially for new players. A lot of this will depend on personal preference, such as menu structure and clickable options, for example.

Bonus offers

It is not uncommon for new players to prioritize a large welcome bonus, when it comes to choosing a new sweepstakes site to use. Who can blame them, after all, it is nice to receive a free bonus. It is recommended to have a look and see what is on offer. A good start might be, who are currently offering a generous 5% rakeback bonus for any losses.

Customer support

Many new players only usually worry about the customer service levels offered, when they need to contact them. A good first port of call might be to question, is the customer support option easy to find on the menu? What contact methods are available?

Payment methods

Checking that the website provides your required payment methods is often the most common overlooked consideration among new players. It is worth checking, prior to signing up, that the payment methods on offer include your preferred choices.

Overall selection of games

Checking the selection of games on offer is just as vital. Before signing up, question if the site provides the games the titles you enjoy playing? If you have a favorite game or type of game, try searching in the games search bar within the website.

Terms of conditions

Reviewing terms and conditions is not the most appealing thought when first signing up to a new sweeps site. But it may be worth quickly checking the brief terms, especially looking for any rollover requirements of any given bonus.

Take time to think about your ideal Sweeps site

New players will no doubt all be searching for something different from their selected sweeps casino site. Players new to social casinos night want to check the sweeps site has contests or tournaments, if that’s something that makes appeal. Alternatively, a player might prefer sites that offer extra coins, or if the site has the option to buy them too.

By doing this, players can then have a better chance of matching with the most suitable site for their needs, especially since there are so many new ones popping-up online today. Following these habits will ensure that you’ll save time, by hopefully joining the best site first time around, without any disappointments.

Conclusion: Time to find your next no deposit sweepstakes casino

There’s now a wide variety of websites to choose from that offer sweepstakes casino play. Free Gold coins and free Sweep coins can be found from operators like Fortune Casino featured in this article and Pulsz Casino.

Our favorite sweeps site,, offers a social casino with a generous 5% rakeback offer available when using code MIKBONUS. This means players can have the house edge for a change! You’ll find games in the Stakes originals section that have a low house edge, often lower than the rakeback bonus percentage on offer.

Sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus codes FAQ

❓ Can I play free on Sweeps casinos?

There are a few websites providing options to play free on sweepstake casino sites. Players can generally collect or win free games, usually by entering competitions hosted on their sweeps site. For example, Fortune Coins, are offering new players 2.3 sweepstakes coins as part of a free no deposit casino bonus.

???? What Sweepstake sites have a bonus? is a social casino that offers a nice 5% rakeback bonus too. The site also provides games to play that have an even lower edge than the welcome bonus of 5%. This is what makes an obvious choice for new players who enjoy playing a good selection of slot titles.

????Is available in every US State?

Provided players are not playing in Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, Washington and New York. However, these states may be added in time, but is not currently operating there.

???? What is the difference between Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins?

Both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins can be used to play on various social casino websites. Sweeps coins are generally won by playing games or competitions, Gold Coins can be purchased or included within new customer welcome offers.

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