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When compared to, say, things like blackjack, slot machine is a fairly new addition to the market of gambling. As per the citations in this Wikipedia article, the world’s first slot machine came into existence in 1891. It was an idea put forward by Sittman and Pitt in the city New York.

Most people believe that the initially introduced slot machines came with 3 reels but the reality is something different. In fact, with the game design being somewhat similar to poker, the first-ever slot machine had five spins.

The slot machines of today are quite similar to the second and later models of the machines introduced following the first one. The second prototype was designed by a Californian named Charles Faye.

Including five symbols (heart, rhombus, horseshoe, spades, and bell) and not more than three reels, the first revision to the ancient slot machine also came with the feature of making automatic payments.  During the initial days of slot machines, nobody would have imagined that people would even be able to play slots from the comfort of their homes.

The world’s first video slot was introduced at the Hilton Hotel (in Las Vegas) and that is often regarded as how the modern gambling industry laid foundations.

Features of Slots for Bitcoin

When put side by side against other gambling games, slots have the maximum variety of games to be played. The same is true for bitcoin casino video slot games but with a little twist. Experienced slot gamblers will find only a little difference between traditional slot games at normal casinos to the ones available online (where Bitcoin can be used).

Cryptocurrency Deposits

Regardless of the cryptocurrency used for loading a player’s account at a crypto casino site, the available funds and bets will still be displayed in usual currencies (dollars, euros, etc.) because although it may seem simple, online crypto casinos are yet to fully embrace the convenience offered by cryptocurrencies. Although it may seem simple, crypto casinos have a hard time integrating cryptocurrencies for direct use with Bitcoin slots. You can still load your account by currency equivalent of the Bitcoin deposit you have made. Basically, at online Bitcoin casinos, you are using the traditional currency for placing a wager but the way you obtain the funds in your account is not by depositing actual cash but via conversion from Bitcoin.

The bonuses offered by online crypto casinos are claimable on the same principle. For example, if a casino is offering 100% payback on your initial deposit, the bonus will be redeemed on your account in the actual currency which the site uses.


If you are new to slot machines, you may be frequently confused when playing, preferably during the first couple of days, and it’s worse when you feel like just the right symbols have made it on your screen but you never get credited any winnings. Your winnings depend on the number of paylines available in a slot machine.

What’s a payline though? It’s a pattern of characters that appear on the screen after pulling the lever on a slot machine. Modern slot machines have up to 244 paylines (the least number of paylines on any machine being 9). A detailed outline regarding paylines and bonuses is displayed on the info panel for every slot machine in online Bitcoin casinos.

Keep in mind that winnings are big on slot machines with fewer paylines but you might want to place wagers on slots with minimum paylines only if you have a lot to spend.


While winning combinations are pretty rare in high volatility slots, the payout can be equally incredible. A slot is regarded as being of low volatility if it ends up fetching a winning combo once in a couple of spins. However, the payouts aren’t that exciting and if you aren’t too lucky, you can even end up losing more in low volatility slots. A sweet spot could be the medium volatility slots for most of the online Bitcoin casinos gamblers. The payout is pretty decent and the chance that you will get a winning combination on the screen is also fairly high.

You are pretty much ready for betting at Bitcoin online casinos with the information you came across in this guide. It does seem over-complicated at first glance but once you have figured out just when and how to place your bets in different slots, you might just get hooked.

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