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It’s no secret that the British, like the British, are one of the most gambling nations in the entire world. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that online casinos operating in what is now Britain began to be legalised by the authorities. This was reflected in the fact that a licence to operate them was now available directly from the British authorities, whereas before, only jurisdictions in other countries could obtain a licence. Today, we are going to talk about bonuses – one of the most advantageous benefits of playing at new online casino uk 2023, which distinguishes them from directly floor gambling establishments.

About British online casinos

The popularity of British gambling sites is due to the following:

  • Guarantee of honesty and reliability – local operators value their name and do not cheat customers.
  • Provision of licensed gaming software from reliable providers.
  • Integrity control – customers can check the randomness of game results.
  • Advantageous promotional offers with simple conditions.
  • Full protection and security of personal and payment data of the users.
  • Support of reliable methods for transactions.
  • Compliance with withdrawal deadlines.
  • Fast resolution of disputable situations, and in most cases in favor of players.
  • Quality technical support – available 24/7.

Although in the 20th century many UK online casino sites operated illegally – in the black, without a license, nowadays the online casinos offer maximum security: every online casino site has information about the legal address and online casino bookmaker, license number, term, name of the issuing authority and much more. That is why , online casinos in the UK are among the most trustworthy and secure.

Why do UK online casino players need bonuses?

The bonus offers may vary widely, but they all offer a wide variety of possibilities to their players. Of course, there is a benefit in their presentation for the casino company owners themselves, and of course for casino users – after all, they are the ones the bonus offers are aimed at. Let us take a look at why British online casino companies never cease to amaze their players with ever more sophisticated and lucrative bonus offers.

Firstly, by doing so, British online casinos set themselves apart from hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors. When a law issued by the UK government came into effect in 2005 regarding the operation of online casinos, more than 5,000 casino sites were licensed by a special regulator to provide free access to UK gambling services. Consequently, players have gained access to a huge number of gambling platforms simultaneously. And given that the range of online casino networks is sometimes identical – the same popular poker, or the globally popular slots supplied to many online casinos simultaneously – the problem of competition in the gambling market has arisen. Accordingly, in order to attract players, it’s no longer enough for online casino companies to lure new customers with tales of progressive slots or exciting roulette variations, you need something that people will definitely enjoy. And it is much more pleasant, agree, for the customer to save their savings and enter the game without making a deposit or with an absolutely minimal investment.

A marketing ploy bordering on psychological impact also plays a significant role. A player who enters the game with no deposit or for a purely systolic fee, when he wins, is beyond thrilled. Several wishes of a gambling fan have been fulfilled at once. He managed to enjoy the range of slots and a range of online casinos, splash out adrenaline and had fun gambling pastime, moreover, he pleased himself winning a round sum, sometimes reaching a hundred, if not several hundred. The psychology of a gambler is that these emotions he wants to experience again and again, and the next time you make a certain amount to your deposit balance.

As for the consumers of gambling content, namely players, bonuses are important to them because:

  • Allow you to enter the game with little or no investment
  • Allow you to test the functionality of online casinos, site navigation, ease of use of the site, the range of slots offered, the level of support
  • Meet the online casino company and help build a personal experience of using it.
  • Lure into the game even those players who are afraid to participate in online casinos, fearing the loss of personal funds.

Types of bonuses in online casinos

  • Jackpot. There is a fixed one. The amount of the prize does not depend on the number of bets made in the machine. It always remains the same. To win it, you need to collect a combination of the most valuable symbols or win a prize round – depending on the rules of the slot.
  • Progressive jackpot. The amount of the slot’s prize grows as players bet. So the more popular the slot, the bigger the jackpot. It can be played out using different mechanics: participation in the bonus round, spinning the wheel of Fortune, etc.
  • No deposit bonuses. Issued for opening an account. A newbie gets a free bankroll or a package of freespins at their disposal.
  • Welcome bonuses. Issued on first deposits. Cash bonuses from 50% to 200% and free spins are credited to them. The amount can be up to 300% deposit bonus casino.

Also, most online casinos offer their users the opportunity to participate in a loyalty system, which involves obtaining cashback.

  • Cashback is a set percentage of the total betting amount of the return of funds lost at the slot machines. Practiced two types of cashback: a point – for the made bets and a percentage refund of the amount deposited.
  • There are several types of calculating cashback. Usually, it is based on the amount of loss for a particular period of time, multiplied by the percentage coefficient. First, the gamer spends his personal money. If winnings don’t cover all betting costs, it means the gamer has lost. In this case, the casino returns a part of the lost money and the gamer can bet again with this cache.


At the end of the day, online casinos are providing their players with the most profitable and safe entry conditions today – with the help of bonus programs and offers. They are not limited to welcome bonuses only, but are also offered on holidays, or as a prize for passing a certain level in the game, winning or participating in a tournament, inviting a friend, and so on.

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