Can I Bet on eSports?

eSports have become rapidly popular in the past few years. Some of these games have millions of fans with several teams and multi-million investments and jackpots.

Some common games you may have heard of include DOTA 2, Fortnite, and League of Legends. These tournaments gather millions of fans on platforms like Twitch. With such an enormous market, you may wonder if getting in on the action through wagering is possible.

Yes, wagering on eSports is very possible and has become increasingly popular in several states. Unlike traditional betting, however, this form contains more intricacies and offers you several chances to win prizes.

Suppose you want to get in on eSports betting but dont know how; worry not. It’s pretty simple: Just choose your favorite game, view the e-sports odds, and place a wager on a reputable site of choice like Betway.

Benefits of eSports Betting

Wagering on eSports bears some advantages that you may have yet to realize in traditional bets. Here are some of the benefits you’ll notice.

You Can Bet Using Crypto

While most wagering platforms have started incorporating crypto bets, not all are up to par. In the eSports realm, crypto bets have become normalized. This may mostly be because the younger generation makes up most of the niche.

Take an instance of skin betting, which refers to wagering on in-game items rather than money.  Betting websites decided to tailor their platforms to facilitate this version of online sports betting by allowing crypto betting.

Some of the tokens used include popular variants like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Other developers came up with more tailored currencies like Skin coin.

More Interactive

Compared to other forms of betting, eSports is far more interactive. Wagering on these games opens you up to numerous elements, like in-game features, which aren’t available in other wagering options.

Additionally, through live streaming, you can interact with other fans. Live chatting is a great way to socialize with online fans who share common interests. With this feature comes increased community engagement.

Through various avenues like social media platforms, you can meet fellow bettors and exchange pointers. It helps the eSports community stay robust and brings in more fans.

Continually Growing Market

While the large numbers may make you think that eSports is already well established, it pales in comparison to other forms of betting like football or horse racing. The eSports niche, however, is continually growing with technological advancements and more users realizing its potential.

With the trajectory continually ascending, it would be wise to hop on and be part of the upward curve. Furthermore, with eSports, you can wager all year. You no longer have to be limited by factors like seasons to wait for your favorite matches.

So, regardless of whether it is fall or spring you can pick up your device and comb through the plethora of games and bet on your favorite ones on credible sites like Betway.


eSports are a continuously growing niche, allowing fans to stream, engage and, most importantly, bet on them. Some popular titles you can wager on include Call of Duty, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Fortnite.

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