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Can I use an iTunes gift card to play a real money casino?

Real money casinos have been a popular means of entertainment and gambling. With the increase in people delving into it, online casino platforms have broadened their payment methods. Gone are the days where you could only deposit from your bank card.

Real cash casino platforms have now provided a variety of options, including cryptocurrency. This could make you wonder: Is iTunes gift card also part of the multiple options? Well, we will find out in this piece as we dive into real money casinos.

Gift cards and real money casino

Real money casino involves depositing money in an online gambling platform and staking on a game. Real money implies that legitimate money is used in staking, unlike free casino games, as on the OnlineCasinoHub platform. Now, how does a gift card relate to a real money casino? Using a gift card is just a method in which money is deposited into a gambling platform.

Gift cards are very similar to credit cards, but they have multiple barcodes. Unlike a credit card, a gift card is not assigned to a specific person. Hence, different people can access them. They also have some restrictions and are used strictly for some purposes.

They also can’t be used on an ATM because of the multiple barcodes that the machine will be unable to read. Security is assured because of their encryption. This will reserve it for use until someone buys them.

Itunes Gift cards

An example of a gift card is the one from Apple, also known as the iTunes gift card. But it cannot be used to deposit money into a real money casino platform. Instead, they serve as a means of buying items like:

  • Books
  • Music subscriptions
  • Apps and more.

Itunes gift cards cover payment of items that Apple is offering. Real money casino is not an entity of Apple. Hence, depositing through the platform is not an option yet.

iTunes gift card 2

iTunes gift card 1

However, casino platforms have provided alternative channels. Gift cards could either be: Fixed value or prepaid. As the name implies, fixed value cards have a predetermined value attached. Also, they can only be used once. Prepaid cards, on the other hand, are used multiple times.

The money instilled can be topped up anytime. Both types can be used to play real money casinos. This goes without saying that even with iTunes gift cards not being available, you may employ other forms.

Gift cards used for real money casino

  • Visa gift card: This card comes in fixed or prepaid. You can acquire a reusable one or the one-off type. This is known to be a very favorable type since it offers a relatively higher clearance rate.
  • American Express gift card: This card is often preferred because of the multiple gift card options it provides. It also has a relatively high clearance rate. However, this factor is dependent on your location. Since you will be using the American Express prepaid card, you would be required to pay a fee every month.
  • Neteller gift card: This card is a reusable kind that offers maximum security for your transactions and information. Neteller aims at a safe and secure method for transactions. They also provide different possible methods to make deposits. In that sense, if you are not suited for one method, you would have other available options.
  • PaySafe gift card: This type of gift card is used mostly for online casino purposes. PaySafe is a top platform that players can count on since it is reliable. A peculiar trait of the PaySafe card is that you are provided a PIN of 16 digits used for depositing money. This alone ensures optimum security and assurance for customers.

As there are real money casinos that do not allow the use of gift cards, there are also casinos that do. These casinos include:

  • El Royale
  • Jackpot Capital
  • Lucky Creek Casino and more.

Although there are platforms that do not permit you to play real money casinos due to their nature. There are also a lot of other platforms that enable you to partake in casino games. As you continue to play your favorite casino games, ensure that a safe and trusted means is used for depositing.

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