Can You Play Online Casino Games in Latvia?

Small countries usually take time to adapt to what the rest of the world conforms to. They have a strong sense of culture as small communities where everyone knows each other exist.

Latvia is a small country in Europe with around 1.9 million people. Although small, it has excellent sightseeing and is therefore attractive to tourists.

When travelling, people love to stay and play in casino resorts. Hence Latvia legalised land-based gambling in 1998.

Local and visiting casino players can play in the country’s finest land-based casino resorts. But is playing online legal?

Is Online Gambling Legal in Latvia?

Internet gambling became legal in 2006 in Latvia. For a small country, this is surprisingly early, as it’s during the early years of the introduction of real money online gambling.

Like most European countries, online casinos and bookmakers are closely and strictly regulated in the country. Unlicensed online operators are blocked. Now, lists all the latest legalised online casinos in Latvia.

Moreover, only a few online platforms have a Latvia gambling licence. Even though this is the case, there are licensed secure platforms that accept Latvian players.

So, once you find the right legalised Latvian online casino, you’ll be able to play those live casino Latvia games legally.

Things to Look for in an Online Casino

Some online casinos that accept Latvian players are IceBet and There’s a long list of games with a great selection and hefty bonuses. However, when choosing, you must consider that casinos have their fair share of flaws.

You have to choose an online casino that primarily works in your favour. These are some factors to check:


Security should be a priority in each gambling establishment. This means it should have a specified licence at the bottom of the site to show that a legit authority regulates it. On top of that, it must have the latest security technologies in place, securing your funds and data.

Player Reviews

Players will always say something when unhappy about a gambling platform’s operation. Check player ratings and review to see if there are any problems players have constantly faced without any solutions provided.

Game Variety

Most casinos feature many games. However, they cater to a few people. Excellent online casinos cater to slot, table, live casino, keno, arcade, scratch and other games.

Exciting Promotions

On top of a hefty welcome offer, an online casino should have plenty of other exciting promotions.

Excellent Customer Support

Live chat, email, and the FAQ section are some of the most helpful ways modern casinos assist players. Excellent customer support is fast, reliable and available 24 hours every day.

You Can Find a Legit and Secure Site in Latvia

Latvia legalised online gambling a while back. It has also put an effort into ensuring that its citizens aren’t exposed to illegal gambling by blocking unlicensed establishments.

Even though a few online casinos hold a Latvian gambling licence, many international ones accept Latvian players.

Players should remember to check if the pros outweigh the cons before joining.

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