Can You Use Gamban to Protect Yourself From Independent Online Casinos?

If you have been using independent casinos to do your online casino gambling in the UK, you have chosen to do so for a good reason. Perhaps, your reasoning has something to do with the fact that you are registered in the GamStop self-exclusion database.

One of the advantages that come with using UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensed online casino operators is having access to the aforementioned GamStop program (more on that below). It is advantageous if you have legitimate online gambling issues and need a break from your online casino gambling activities. It’s not an advantage if you are GamStop registered and suddenly change your mind about self-exclusion.

Here’s a question worthy of contemplation. Assuming you have an online gambling problem, “are there ways you could self-exclude if you are using independent UK online casinos?”


The GamStop Self-exclusion scheme exists thanks to the efforts of the UKGK. The nation’s regulatory body wanted to ensure UK online gamblers always have easy access to self-exclusion programs that they could use to protect themselves.

Registration for the GamStop database is strictly voluntary. Interested UK gamblers only need to fill out the registration form and choose the length of their self-exclusion period. After submitting the registration form, licensed UK online gambling operators, also GamStop members, are required by law to block the GamStop registered gambler’s access to UK gambling sites.

Each self-exclusion is absolute and stays enforced until each gambler’s self-exclusion period ends. While the program works as intended, it’s not full-proof. If a GamStop blocked gambler decides they want to resume their online gambling activities, they can find fun ways to get around GamStop. One of those ways is gambling through independent casinos.

What is an Independent Casino?

An independent casino is an online casino in the UK that operates without a proper licence from the UKGC. While the practice is technically illegal, the UKGC doesn’t always find and shut down unlicensed operators. Customers seldom complain as long as operators can fly under the radar by offering fair and safe gambling services.

If interested, you can find plenty of reliable and safe independent online operators at Casino Wise.

What are Self-exclusion Options Available With Independent Casinos?

Since the UKGC does not licence independent casinos, they are not eligible to join the GamStop scheme. That raises the question, “What self-exclusion options could a UK online casino gambler use if they are using independent casinos?”

To be transparent, most independent casinos fully support the idea of responsible gambling. They provide access to resources like Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and GamCare. What they don’t offer is easy access to self-exclusion programs.

Based on this, it’s clear that you, as a UK online casino gambler, would need to find your option. Might we recommend Gamban?

What is Gamban?

Gamban is a software platform allowing PC/mobile users to block access to any websites offering gambling content. That would include gambling content websites that provide live gambling access, gambling news, and handicapping information. The program works as follows.

Using the Gamban website, you would subscribe to the program (for a fee) and download it onto your device. It would need to be the device you use for your online gambling activities. After successfully downloading the program, you would need to activate it. Once the software is activated, the applicable device will no longer be able to communicate with gambling content sites. This is managed automatically through the platform.

It’s important to note that this program is not full-proof in terms of self-exclusion protection. Since the software is device-specific, it will only work on loaded devices. Nothing is in the way to prevent you from resuming your online gambling activities with another device.

Yes, you could download Gamban on all available devices, but that would be expensive. The bottom line is this: Gamban is only a viable self-exclusion option if you were to be genuinely committed to taking a break from online gambling in the UK.

Other Non-GamStop Alternatives

While using independent UK online casinos would get you around your GamStop issue, you might enjoy knowing there are other non-GamStop alternatives. It’s important to note that some non-GamStop options are a little riskier than others. Here are a few choices that are worthy of your consideration:

  • Using offshore casinos that are licensed in other countries (It might require a VPN)
  • Crypto-only casinos offer a lot of anonymity due to blockchain processing
  • Waiting out self-exclusion while visiting retail casinos and betting shops
  • Opening gambling accounts with partners, using the partner’s identification
  • Locate and register with UK licensed casinos that do very little account verification

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