Canadians. Why is Canada a better place to live than England?

Canada and the UK are the countries with strong historical links. Many of them still exist today. After all, the English monarch reigns in both countries. However, there are some truly distinct differences between these two nations. Perhaps, it’s not surprising, considering the geographical distance between them and plus, a huge difference in size between both countries.

When you compare lifestyles of the two nations, you can quickly see that being a Canadian is indeed very different from being a Brit!

Canada’s lifestyle is a winning combination of the British and French influences. It’s a unique country with its very own activities, culture and landscape and most importantly, people.

And we haven’t even mentioned the ways of entertainment! The UK isn’t a competitor in this industry which has led Brits to look at the best Canadian online casinos with envy.

What shouldn’t you do in these countries?

We have compiled the list of things that you should avoid doing in the UK and Canada!

Let’s start from the UK.

  1. Call the UK “England”
  2. Jump a queue
  3. Refuse a cup of tea
  4. ‘Sorry’ doesn’t always mean an apology
  5. Make an eye contact in London,

What about Canada? Let’s see!

  1. Call Toronto the capital city
  2. Get confused by extra charges
  3. Say anything bad about coffee shops Tim Hortons
  4. Disrespect maple syrup
  5. Hesitate to return an apology

Now, it’s time to focus your attention on the things you should do in both countries. Keep reading at

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Gambling. Where is it more developed?

English is the primary language of communication in both countries. There is no language barrier at all. Moreover, the majority of online casinos operating in the UK accept Canadian Dollars as the means of payment. Two popular digital UK wallets, Neteller and Skrill are available in Canada as well. Every transaction is a breeze.

The two nations’ online gambling industries are quite similar. But online gambling in Canada offers cash-back bonuses and bonus codes. In contrast, they are not available in the UK. In turn, online gamers in the UK can refer their friends to “the Refer a friend” game while it is not available to Canadians. Players in the UK must gamble a large amount to cash out their winnings, while in Canada, some casinos do not allow players to take their winnings.

According to the latest surveys, the provinces that have legalized gambling have produced over C$16.1 billion in tax revenue. Poker, slot machines, table and card games now generate at least C$31 billion in annual income. It’s very impressive, isn’t it?  Making a deposit or withdrawal has never been easier or quicker when you play online casinos. Additionally, gaming has become a source of income for a fair number of people in Canada. Gambling laws aren’t so strict in the UK. Both local and foreign players may benefit from popular online casinos that operate legally in the United Kingdom.

Most Canadians were self-isolated in their homes during the pandemic. As a result of boredom, people were spending more and more time on the web. Facebook, Instagram and Netflix have become more common entertainment for everyone. However, people always want more! That is what made online gambling at web sites mentioned at the last straw for the majority of them. Gambling is both exciting and engrossing. It’s hard to imagine but 70% of the world’s population already plays online games and this number only keeps rising. More than 3/4 of adult Canadians are now engaged in some kind of internet gambling.

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Canada looks like a more desirable opportunity for expats than the UK. Especially in times of great political uncertainty in Europe at the moment! With high housing and food bills, your monthly expenses will be higher than in the UK.

However, dining out is a little bit cheaper, and some might say that a relatively higher cost of living is worth the relaxed lifestyle you can get in Canada.

All in all, you will have more money and opportunities in Canada to do things that are both fun and enjoyable!

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