Cayo Perico Island in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto is an iconic computer game series. One of the most popular computer games in the teenage years of many Millenials, GTA still rocks. You might have already checked the insider games information on GTA 5 and Online being re-released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X this year. To learn playing gta online tutorial missions and fail less in a non-tutorial mode later, search for gta 5 online tutorial, but check the instructions on how to access it first.

What gta v online tutorials on the Internet will rarely talk about is the ‘sweetest’ feature of GTA Online: Cayo Perico Island. This article has all guidelines on how you can access the island with the greatest loot. Check them below.

What is Exactly Cayo Perico Island?

Cayo Perico Island is the newest feature added to GTA Online. Being a part of the GTA 5 universe, Cayo Perico is a separate heist mission. The island is private and extremely secure. The goal of the Cayo Perico Island mission is looting the richest and the most famous lord in the GTA drug industry.

The background story is simple. El Rubio, the most powerful drug lord, owns very important documents. He uses these documents to manipulate the Madrazo family, a crime syndicate. The goal of a player is to obtain the documents and grab everything you can while on a mission.

If a player is not much of a plunderer, they can always choose to explore the island in a non-heist mode.

You can play the mission solo or with allies.

Depending on what you want to do with this new map upgrade, you must follow different paths.

The Path of a Looter

The mission payout for the Cayo Perico Island is $1,100,000. Keep in mind that you should pay $22,000 to the submarine captain. As a result, the player ends with $1,078,000, which is still lucrative. No wonder that the majority of players choose to loot the island rather than explore it.

The algorithm for entering the Cayo Perico island is simple. However, keep in mind that to trigger the island mission, you should already have VIP status or be a President or a CEO. For instance, you can purchase the Penthouse.

Otherwise, the algorithm will not work.

How to Trigger the Mission

  • First, the player must go to the Music Locker. The Music Locker is an underground club located in East Vinewood, Los Santos. You can easily find the place between the resort and the Diamond casino.
  • After finding an entrance to the underground club, a player must pay a $150 fee.
  • Take an elevator and head down to the club destination.
  • After entering the club, turn to the left and walk to the VIP suite. A player will meet Miguel Madrazo, the head of the Madrazo crime syndicate. Madrazo will tell all details about the mission.
  • To reach the island, a player must buy a submarine and hire a captain. To do so, enter your Internet app in the phone menu and search for Warstock Cache & Carry. The first item on the list will be ‘Kosatka’ submarine. Buy it.
  • Request Kosatka in the Interaction Menu.
  • After meeting Pavel, the submarine captain, your mission starts.

What to Do in a Mission

After meeting Keinemusik and Dave at the LSIA at the Private Terminal and following a few instructions, you will end up on the island, driving a vehicle with El Rubio. Drive El Rubio to the compound and leave the scene.

A player must find communications towers. After hacking a signal box at the top of the tower, a player will access the cameras. El Rubio’s office is Cam 1. Other cameras will tell you where to find other loot-like weapons.

After making some pictures, which Pavel will require, contact the pilot and leave the island.

The preparation for the mission is long and challenging. A player must follow Pavel’s instructions about the infiltration measures like finding the weapons and imprint-scanning technology. A player must also prepare the escape points. Further, the execution of the heist begins. Just follow Pavel’s instructions.

If you feel tired at some point from pressing keys on your redragon gaming keyboard too often, just take a break. Feeling exhausted from too much action is possible. Here, you may want to simply roam the island and enjoy all Cayo Perico’s locations in Pavel’s photos.

Free-Roaming the Cayo Perico Island

The island is a beauty in a non-heist mode too. Whether it is a cemetery or a grapeyard, stunning in silence and greenery, or the skeletons with cocaine blocks, the island has its own story to tell. You will find the Conquistadors’ armor and see whales. You may also catch a glimpse of a black panther. To roam freely, follow the instructions below.

Enter Kosatka and start the Gather Intel mission like in a usual heist mission.

After leaving El Rubio, go to the communications tower and hack the signal box.

Access the sightseer app.

As weird as it sounds, you must get caught by a patrolling car or a guard 4 times.

Use the sightseer map and wait for the car to approach you while standing in the middle of the road.

Open the sightseer map when the vehicle approaches you. Right after being caught, the game will close your app. The Gather Intel mission ends, and you are left on an island in a free-roam mode. Enjoy your stay!

To leave the island, use the car beside the reception or walk into a group of dancers and wait for the guards to kick you out of the island.

Final Thoughts

Cayo Perico Island is a long-expected entertaining upgrade in GTA 5 Online. The best feature is a choice a player has. They can engage in a ‘heist of a century’ or free-roam the beautiful location. Regardless of what you choose, we assure you that the gaming experience will be exciting and rewarding.

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