Concentration, imagination, strategy… These are the skills that video games help to develop.

The diversity of video game genres offers varied experiences (competitive in games like Call of Duty or Fortnite or collaborative in Age of Empires, Battlefield, or Final Fantasy) that encourage players to develop skills fostered by different game contexts.

The research carried out highlights the importance of games in developing skills, and many gamers are now also using CBD products to increase their gaming skills.

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As soon as you play any video game, you enter a universe. One day you’re a sylvan elf, armed with your best bow, trying to save Middle Earth from an invasion of savage orcs. The next day, you’re a Tony Montana at the wheel of a stolen car, driving proudly through Miami’s streets (and pavements). That same day, ashamed of the crimes you’ve just perpetrated virtually, you put on your best plumber’s outfit and brush your moustache to go and rescue that princess who’s been kidnapped once again.

Imagination is a powerful weapon that can be used in many areas of your life.

So don’t hesitate to draw on video games for the imagination you need for your projects. A game, a character, an adventure, a world, a situation you encounter… All this, although virtual, can become a great source of inspiration for you. So why deprive yourself? 😉


Spending hours on the same game, endlessly redoing the same level, repeating the same gestures to perfection, staying focused for several minutes to avoid an enemy shot out of nowhere… Who said that didn’t require concentration?

As a self-respecting retrogamer, I’m a big fan of 2D platform games (Mario Bros, Mega Man, Sonic…) I spent a lot of time on some of these games, particularly when looking for secret rooms in Mario Bros or my ‘perfect runs’ quests in Mega Man.

All these games helped me better concentrate, as it does for many other gamers!


Becoming a strategist and thinking about a project on several levels is not something you are born with. You need to learn to see and analyse a context from different angles in order to improve your strategic skills.

Here, too, video games can be extremely useful in developing your skills and making you a true strategist, all through genuine self-study.

So here we have the management and development of your resources at different levels. All that remains is to look at event management. You’ll need to have a good grasp of events and an excellent anticipation capacity to achieve your objective. All the while, you’ll need to manage diplomacy and tactics to defeat your opponents.

And yes, chess and poker aren’t the only games that help you develop your analytical mind – video games have their particular strengths too!

CBD in the gaming world

CBD and CBD oil have grown spectacularly in recent years, and many athletes and gamers are using the many benefits of cannabidiol. Let’s find out…

Improve concentration

The ESL wouldn’t have banned CBD from entering competitions if there wasn’t a good reason. Numerous studies and user experiences strongly indicate that CBD could improve a person’s concentration and cognitive functioning.

Minimising performance anxiety

You can sometimes use CBD to fight stress due to competitive gaming. For example, a friendly competition between friends would take a new meaning and enjoyment with some CBD oil under your tongue.

Eliminate social anxiety

Frequent video gamers frequently experience significant social anxiety. While this might not pose a major issue when gaming from the comfort of their homes, situations like being interviewed on live television or attending live gaming events with other players can exacerbate their social anxiety to a debilitating extent.

Just as CBD oil works to calm players’ nerves – such as CBD products legally available online -it can also help relieve social anxiety. Players won’t feel it when they’re out in public and will be much more at ease!

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