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Mobile Device Tips: How to Convert Pdf Documents with a Smartphone

If you want to convert documents stored on your smartphone to other formats, you need a designated application. Google Play for Android and Apple application stores have the solution for every problem the user faces.

In this post, we will tip you about the different applications that can be used on a smartphone without any hassle. There are thousands of PDF file converter applications on the web, and finding the right one for your device can be difficult.

The applications that we have listed below would help you in free and accurate conversions!

Pro Tip: Convert PDF to desired format with the Best apps!

Here we’ve mentioned some of the tested & well-reputed document converter applications!

  • PDF to Word Converter- Free PDF Converter to JPG

This application belongs to CA apps, and you must know that it is one of the best ones on the Google play store. It is known as the most perfect PDF file converter android application. This pdf to doc converter app is for everyone who wants to convert documents on their smartphone. The most commonly used conversion utility in this application is the PDF to word converter. You have to enter/insert the PDF file from your local document gallery and use the conversion options. The app would hardly take less than five to ten seconds to convert a PDF file to word. Other conversion tools in this application include:

  1. Photo to PDF and vice versa
  2. PDF to JPG
  3. PPT to PDF
  4. PDF to Zip
  5. Word to Zip
  6. PPT to Zip
  7. PDF to text
  8. Text to Zip

Other features of this documents conversion app include locking, unlocking, splitting and even merging PDF files!

  • File Converter

This application is best for both android and iOS devices. You can download and install this application on your mobiles as well as on your tablets. The conversion process of this application is quite simple and easy. You have to upload the file in the app and let it analyze it. After analysis, the tool would recognize the file format and give you multiple format options in which you can make a conversion. The most common conversion in this regard is PDF to word. You can easily download the converted files without any hassle!

  • Doc to PDF

This is another application that is known to be best for android devices. You can convert word to PDF, PDF to Word, and all other formats to PDF with this application. You can not only convert documents with this free application but also utilize it to share files via email and Bluetooth. The app also has a built-in PDF viewer, allowing you to read the converted files and check for format and structural issues!

  • Office Suite 

If the main focus and need are to convert MS Office files to PDF and vice versa, you should surely go for this application. As the name tells us, the Office suite is the application that belongs to the office itself. In this application, you would find different options for file manipulation. You can surely install this application from the google play or iOS app store, but you must not forget that this is a cloud-based app, and it can only be used with a strong web connection and a registered account.

  • DocAS Lite 

This is an all-in-one application that can be used on every smartphone, but you must know that it is very friendly with iOS devices. This PDF converter application would allow a user to convert, read, annotate and manage PDF files like a pro. The app has a built-in reader that would help you read files and a converter with the help of converting office formats to PDF and PDF to word/other office formats. With this application, a user can also cater to HTML and textual format.

  • Easy PDF

Easy PDF is an easy-to-use application. This application, when installed on your device, would have integrations with all the saved files. You can open the files directly with this application, and you can also help yourself by uploading files that you need to convert from the app’s very interface. The most common conversions/manipulation you can make with this PDF converter application is PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, and text! You cannot only change PDF to office formats, but you can also convert them back to PDF.

If you want to convert your documents on your smartphone, you can easily do so with either of them. Before you convert the files with these apps, we would like you to read some helpful tips:

Things to consider before converting files!

  • You have to make sure that the original file has a proper structure and format, or else the converted version would also get ruined.
  • You have to check the file’s size to make sure that the app can handle it.
  • You also have to check the copyrights and editing access of the files if they don’t belong to you!

Enjoy your conversions!

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