CSGO Betting Explained 

The iGaming industry has been one of the largest entertainment sectors within the world. Quite recently though, more and more markets have opened up to ensure that even popular games can be used as leverage for gambling purposes. CSGO (or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is one of the most popular eSport games to gamble on right now. While online gaming has become a ‘sport’ to gamble on in itself, CSGO also offers an opportunity to gamble with the skins that players actively work hard to purchase and win via tournaments.

With over 400,000 players roughly active on the CSGO site every month, peak times showcase almost a million users, meaning CSGO certainly is the game that remains unbeatable, despite being on the market for quite some time. eSports betting has become quite the pastime, as more and more gamers are becoming quite fond of gambling in their favourite tournaments. Duel Bits is an example of a CSGO gambling site that happens to offer CSGO gamers the opportunity of gambling their skins. While this is not the focus of today’s eSport, Duel Bits offers exceptional promotions for cases and coins to help casual and competitive gamers of the CSGO network.

What is CSGO?

First thing is first. CSGO is a first-person shooter game that is often played by two teams that consists of 5 people in each. The goal of the game is to counterattack the team that is acting as the terrorists of the game. Your duty is to eliminate and defuse the bomb that has been planted, and of course compete against one another with all the best possible energy available.

While this does sound quite simple in essence, the competition is rife, and it can be incredibly full-on-especially for beginners to keep up with. What this does require is strategy and skill, to be able to complete the tasks at hand using the best different strategies that shooter picks over time and experience. Teams need to work together in order to prevent individual members from being killed during the rounds of the game, meaning there are multiple elements that need to be maintained throughout the process of any game round.

Each time a new game is played, maps are generated, and it is up to teams and players to memorise and understand the terrain and all the vantage points that can be gained from around the map. Each round won will equate to a point, and the team with the most points will ultimately win the entire match.

Competitive CSGO tournaments

CSGO has become such a competitive virtual sport, that tournaments from all over the world are being arranged and participated in for the sake of rewards and gaming legacy. The league system engages with play-offs, so that those who qualify can enter the competitive tournaments.

Competitions have occurred from all over the world, including Brooklyn New York, London Wembley Arena, and each eSports league will come with its own prize fund, participants and of course glory. It is these virtual matches that bookmakers are very fond of covering and producing odds for, as eSports has pretty much infiltrated the betting realm as we know it.

The most popular betting markets for CSGO include the outright winner, and match odds. With these you simply need to bet on who you think will take the tournament (which team will win), and for many tournaments winners can walk away with a very large pot amount of 850,000 pound or more.

For match betting odds where CSGO is concerned, the idea of an outright winner remains the same, however you bet on the team who will win the entire tournament, making the odds more difficult and of course gamblers will have way more at stake should they wager at large amounts.

Understanding CSGO and the games principles is of course super important prior to making your first bet, but once you get it, it becomes relatively entertaining to wager on, and of course, the concept is still very new and fresh for the betting market.

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