Dota 2 Vs. Lol Esports: Which Is More Popular?

Many eSports events have occurred over the past few years. First-person shooters (FPS) and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) are the most popular types. There is always an interest in knowing which MOBA game is more complex, fun, and famous, including DOTA 2 and League of Legends (LoL). Here we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each game.


The features of a game are one of the primary factors players consider when selecting a game. The popularity of the game and its adoption play a vital role as well.

The two games are the same to a layman; that’s why there are disputes on the internet about which one has the better gameplay. To find out which game has better gameplay, let’s compare DOTA 2 and LoL.


An LoL character is called a Champion, whereas a DOTA character is called a Hero. A DOTA 2 hero consists of 123 characters, whereas an LoL champion consists of 159 characters. The game style is the major difference between the characters. The class style of a champion is limited during the game of League of Legends. Heroes’ class styles can be changed on DOTA 2, allowing players to conform to their team’s role and game style. When choosing your character in DOTA 2, you have more options.


Each hero in DOTA 2 can level up their abilities 30 times. Champions on LoL have four abilities as well. However, the two differ because LoL requires players to work together inwardly, so they each have their own strengths. Players who want to win in DOTA 2 need to synergize outwards. Because of this, many DOTA fans prefer to bet on teams rather than individuals at DOTA betting sites.


Maps from Warcraft III are used in both MOBA games. It has three lanes; the top lane, the middle lane, and the bottom lane. Dragons and Baron Nasher dominate DOTA 2’s map instead of monsters and NPCs. Players are forced to survive in a competitive environment, making it difficult to declare a winner.


Multiplayer features are available in both League of Legends and DOTA 2. Their relationship differs, however. There is little complexity in LoL since players rely on their individual skills. Unlike DOTA, which relies on teamwork, DOTA 2 teams must play together for success. Due to this, DOTA 2’s multiplayer is much more impressive.


Players can’t decide which MOBA game is better because DOTA 2 and LoL have similar features. Characters, abilities, and maps are all important factors in understanding which game has more engaging gameplay. The number of players registered on the platforms is the best way to determine which is more popular online.


According to the last update, DOTA 2 already has millions of players, but there is no official data to back this up. According to Valve data in March 2016, DOTA 2 had 1.29 million concurrent players. Furthermore, in November 2022, there were 523,684 simultaneous players.

LoL has an elaborate portfolio, on the other hand. In 2022, there will be approximately 150-180 million registered users in the game, with more than 117 players active every day (approximately 10-11 million). There are also more activities on league of legends betting sites due to the higher player demand.


Fans and audiences have grown exponentially in the eSports scene throughout the world. According to audience engagements, DOTA 2 eSports contributed the most to this. With audience engagement of 36.55 percent, Dota 2 took first place, while LoL came in third.

Considering the number of players, LoL figures greatly outweigh DOTA 2 initially, indicating that LoL is more popular. Due to LoL’s 2 years earlier release, it had a head start over DOTA 2. However, DOTA 2 enjoys greater popularity among viewers due to its popular tournaments and players.


A decent number of players play League of Legends (LoL), but its tournaments and competitions aren’t quite as strong as its audience. The lack of popularity of lol betting among eSports fans can be attributed to this reason. Because DOTA 2 has complex gameplay and offers more entertainment, players tend to bet more on it than LoL.

DOTA 2 tournaments are thriving compared to LoL, according to eSportsEarnings. The total prize pool from 1716 DOTA 2 tournaments was $310,549,833.83, with about 4525 players worldwide. The total prize pool for 2755 tournaments hosted by 8608 LoL players was $98,322,828.89, representing a huge amount of money.

According to these statistics, DOTA 2 tournaments have had a greater number of participants. It also suggests that DOTA 2 competitions tend to pay out more prizes than LoL competitions. As a result, DOTA 2 has the most popular tournaments and the best compensation for players.


Choosing between these two eSports giants is a difficult task. Despite this, according to the statistics, LoL has a higher number of players and more activities than DOTA 2. However, DOTA dominates LoL regarding tournaments, viewership, and audience engagement. As far as the eSports world is concerned, the two seem dominant, so it depends on how you define popularity.

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