ENCE with another defeat and a ‘knife at their throat’. They will play for their lives against a difficult rival

The third round of competition at the CS World Championship, the IEM Rio Major, brought several surprises and unexpected results. In ENCE’s showdown with fnatic, in whose colours Pawel Dycha plays, it was hard to point out a favourite, but many fans were betting on the Pole’s formation. Unfortunately, the European collective suffered a defeat and ENCE’s situation at the Major has become very complicated. If they think about advancing to the play-offs, they no longer have a margin for error and must only win. And today they face a tough encounter!

The match against fnatic did not go the way of Dycha and his teammates from the start. They started on the theoretically easier side of the anti-terrorists on the Nuke map, but the first rounds fell into the account of their rivals. The Swedish organisation built up a sizable lead and at one point was already 8:2 in front. At the end of the first part, ENCE woke up a bit and slightly recovered, but still after 15 rounds it was fnatic who led 9:6.

After the change of sides and with such a favourable result for Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson’s formation, it seemed that the match could very well be over. And so it did. The fnatic lead momentarily grew to a score of 13:6, at which point Dycha and company respondedĀ  with one winning round and that was the end of it. In the end, it was KRIMZ and his teammates who prevailed 16:7 and secured their second victory in the Legends phase at the Rio Major.

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Well-known commentator ousted from IEM Rio Major. Reason for alcohol abuse

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive World Championship is a true celebration for fans of the game. The bi-annual tournament brings together people from all over the world to support their teams in front of the screen or in the arena. So far, at the current IEM Rio Major 2022, fans have witnessed practically nothing but positive emotions. However, they may have been surprised by the absence of one of the most respected and popular commentators during the first day of the legends phase. As it turned out, Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett had been removed from the championship due to an “incident” he allegedly caused while under the influence of alcohol.

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After yesterday’s defeat, ENCE now has one win and two losses on their account. Their situation is very difficult, as they need to win two matches in the best-of-three format in a row to advance to the knockout stage. This will not be an easy task, as today they will face Vitality – the 2nd team in the world, which, however, also has its own problems. So, it could be a very interesting clash. The match is scheduled for 18:30 and will be watched on ESL’s online channels.

In the matches that Sadokist was supposed to commentate on, we were unexpectedly able to hear the voice of the legend of the profession, Anders Blum. Prior to this change, ESL had not published any information explaining why Trivett was not on the broadcast.

As Dust2 reports, the Canadian commentator has been completely removed from the IEM Rio Major tournament. This is as punishment for an incident that occurred on Friday night. There was an altercation involving Trivett, who was under the influence of alcohol at the time, at the hotel where the players are located. The matter went so far that the relevant services were called in. Such an incident was confirmed by ESL itself.

As a result, Anders will replace the Canadian until the end of the tournament. We have nothing more to say and would like to focus on the rest of the tournament Sadokist has yet to address the whole situation. However, this is not the first time the Canadian has been removed from commentating on esports games. In 2018, he was suspended for using a racist word on a colleague’s broadcast.

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