Free and Paid iPhone Apps on the Internet that You Must Download

The Apple store is full of apps, recommended ones, featured ones, popular ones, and free ones. However, the best apps are those, which are not only the most trending but also those that provide value to you. No one wants to download multiple apps on the phone to take up space, which is why we have created a smart list, which includes free applications that you can download from the Apple app store without a hassle and make the time you spend on your phone better and your life easier. Some of these apps have the option for you to upgrade whilst others have in-app purchases but that is optional. If you like the free version, which we can ensure that you will adore, then you can move on to the paid version.

Before we list the apps, it is important to mention that some of them require a stable internet connectivity to function properly. Therefore, if your internet connection is troubling you, we would suggest that you cancel your subscription and sign for a better provider such as Spectrum Internet. This internet service comes with incredible internet speeds and top-notch customer service to help you, should something go wrong with your network. With that said, let us discuss the best apps that you should download on your iPhone right away:

The Best Apps for Productivity on the iPhone

Remote working, online assignments, and running an online business can be very distracting since we are all huddled up with families, practicing social distancing, under one roof. In such circumstances, you need top apps to boost your efficiency and effectiveness, prioritize tasks and get things done within the deadline set. Moreover, some of these apps will help set good habits and eliminate bad habits to help you get the most of your day. Here are the apps that will help you with that.

  1. OmniFocus
  2. Forest
  3. Things
  4. Any.Do
  5. Pocket Life Calendar
  6. Asana
  7. ToDoist
  8. Calendars 5
  9. Clear – Tasks, Reminders, and To-Do Lists
  10. Due
  11. Check Mark 2
  12. Nirvana
  13. Priorities
  14. Productive
  15. Habitica: Gamified Task Manager
  16. Streaks
  17. Remember the Milk
  18. Day One Journal
  19. Pocket
  20. Sync.Me
  21. Captio
  22. DropBox
  23. Drafts
  24. Doodle
  25. Launch Center Pro
  26. Last Pass Password Manager
  27. Log Me In
  28. 1Password
  29. True Caller

The Best Apps for Mental Health on the iPhone

If your mind is happy and sane, your actions and life decisions will follow the same direction. You need to keep your mind refreshed, and help it unwind after a stressful day so that the build-up of negative emotions does not lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Remember, your mental health comes first and there is no shame in asking for help if required. Some of these apps offer therapy from specialists and promise reduced panic attacks, better sleeping patterns, and calm life.

  1. MY3
  2. NotOk
  3. Quit That! – Habit Tracker
  4. What’s Up?
  5. Mood Kit
  6. Twenty-Four Hours a Day
  7. MindShift
  8. SAM (Self-Help for Anxiety Management)
  9. CBT Thought Record Diary
  10. IMood Journal
  11. eMoods
  12. Talkspace Online Therapy
  13. Recovery Road
  14. Happify
  15. Mood Tools
  16. Rise Up and Recover
  17. Lifesum
  18. Worry Watch
  19. nOCD
  20. PTSD Coach
  21. Breathe 2 Relax
  22. UCSF Prime
  23. Headspace
  24. Calm
  25. Ten Percent Happier

The Best Apps for Photography on the iPhone 

Who doesn’t get an iPhone to take remarkable photos of themselves, their friends, and their dog? iPhones are known for their great cameras and photo settings, however, to turn the entire experience up a notch and make it like that of the DSLR, or to show your skills off like a pro, these apps are vital. We will let you on a secret – celebs and influencers use these for their IG photos!

  1. Snapspeed (Best for editing)
  2. VSCO (Best for filters)
  3. Touch Retouch (Best for retouching)
  4. Afterlight 2 (Best for intermediate editing)
  5. Adobe Lightroom CC (Best for pro editing)
  6. Enlight (Best for some creative editing)
  7. Mextures (Best for textures and backgrounds)
  8. Camera +2 (Best for an in-app camera)
  9. ProCamera (Best for professional photos)

Best Social Media Apps on the iPhone 

Who doesn’t love interacting with friends and peers virtually? Amidst the pandemic, socializing with friends and family has become so much easier due to these apps through texts, emoticons, audio calls, video calls, and photo sharing.

  1. Facebook (Best for adding friends, sharing life updates)
  2. Instagram (Best for sharing photos.)
  3. Snapchat (Best for sending snaps and uploading stories)
  4. LinkedIn (Best for finding jobs and interacting with like-minded people)
  5. Twitter (Best for tweeting snippets)
  6. Whatsapp (Best for communicating and sending images)
  7. Telegram (Best for communicating)
  8. TikTok (Best for uploading short videos and content creation.)
  9. Skype (Best for video calls)
  10. Zoom (Best for video calls and office meetings)

Final Words

With that being said, you do not need to have all of these apps on your phone – just the ones that resonate most with you, which your friends use, and which you can make the most use of. Some of them might add a little spark to your everyday life whilst others will definitely become essentials. With updates and tweaks coming in, these apps will also be updated and who knows what trending apps we will be talking about two months from now!

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