Fruit blast: The game you didn’t know you want

Do you like the beach? Do you like soft drinks served by a good looking bartender? Do you like videogames? Do you get excited with slot machines? And last but not least, do you like fruit?

If the answer is yes to at least three of the above questions, then fruit blast game is definitely for you.

In this article we will go deep in detail with this fantastic game. We’ll discuss gameplay, sound, graphics and, of course, prizes!

The gameplay

Image you have your good old blender, and you are thirsty for a great game. It’s time to start adding ingredients into it.

Add some 16-bit old game era Columns, a pinch of Candy Crush, an ounce of that good looking bartender you chatted with on your last vacation, add some paradise beach locations into the mix. Hey! Don’t forget your favorite slot machines. The result is this fantastic fun and amusing game.

So, what’s so engaging about Fruit Blast? Well, it’s the core gameplay for sure. It’s so basic that you can learn to play the game in the first three rounds.

Following the footsteps of Candy Crush, Fruit Blast finds its way to stand out on its own.

The game gameplay consists of a 5×5 grid which are filled with fruit slices. You need to click or tap on a group of three or more fruit slices. That’s all you need to do!

On the left hand side of the screen there are multipliers.

  • Watermelon multiplier is 5X
  • Grape meter 2x
  • Lime meter 1x
  • Cherry meter 0.5x

Those multiplier bars will keep filling every time you find clusters of each fruit type, and you can get up to 10x with multipliers only.

If you are lucky enough, you’ll see that Jackpot Symbol appear and if it comes in a cluster of three or more, you are in for a treat! The game will spoil you with 1000x multiplier and that’s the maximum you can get.

Something very interesting about the game, which is a feature that attracts old-school gamers, is the ability to level up. Following the trend of many free to play mobile games.

When you level up you can unlock new bartenders with extra bonuses and features giving a constant sense of progression that will keep you on your toes for a long time.

You can level up to level 25 and leveling up will grant you with free spins.

Keep in mind that the minimum stake goes from £0.50 up to £100. This means that with a 1000x multiplier you can make enough money to buy your own real life fruit bar!

The graphics

Representation of a design program
Representation of a design program

These types of games need to have attractive graphics and Fruit Blast does not stay behind. It’s colorful and inviting. There are different bartenders and beach scenarios to unlock to keep the game interesting.

The animations are compelling and blend in perfectly with the gameplay so instead of distracting from the core game mechanics it will create a proper atmosphere.

The fruits are very aligned with what you expect from this kind of game. Fruit slices look clean, solid, and when you hit a cluster, they explode and disappear very naturally.

The game is colorful, and it looks fantastic on big monitors, but it looks even better when playing on mobile devices such as phones or tablets where the small high resolution screen makes the colors pop even more.

The Sound designs

The sound is modest. The tunes are catchy but not distracting and the sound design is on spot with what’s happening on screen.

The key for good sound design is to pass unnoticed and sound natural which Fruit blast does very well.

It features those typical slot machine sounds that keep us compelled for a long time.

Another important aspect of the game itself is that you don’t need the audio to play or understand the game, at all.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to bother your surroundings and don’t have headphones available, you can just mute your phone and get the same experience.


Not so long ago, video games in general were a bit of a niche hobby. You needed to have a dedicated expensive device just for that. Additionally, you had to buy expensive titles to play.

On the other side of the wall, you have slot machines, which you had to commute to a casino to have access to.

That required some extra planning, and it was more like a weekend thing.

In the last few years, we’ve experienced a huge boost in internet speed accompanied with technological advances of our smartphones and tablets, making them more of an entertainment device. With that wall down both worlds, gambling and video games have found each other and created this mass way of entertainment that are online slots and games such as the one we’ve discussed in this article.

They can now be access from anywhere and you don’t even need to download anything.

To be honest, we are being very spoiled technology wise, compared to the beginning of games era where we only had access to a handful of games and were forced by our parents to play them to death.

Having the chance to play Fruit Blast for less than a pound, directly from our phones is a new age luxury.


Fruit Blast has everything that makes a game great. While it doesn’t stand out in its sound department, the game has solid core gameplay mechanics, great visuals and pays huge prizes.

It’s easy to learn and pick up. You can play it from any of the devices you already own, including cellphones which makes it portable.

There are many options out there for online slots, but if you are a hardcore gamer, you will find the gambling and gaming hybrid experience offered by Fruit Blast amusing.

Once you dive yourself into this game, you will start having so much fun that you’ll forget you there are prizes involved! When the time comes for you to win, you’ll understand 100% why this game is so popular.

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