Games, Gambling And The Big Screen: Big Ideas To Create Your Dream Entertainment Space This Summer

We’ve spent so much of the last year hunkered down, just trying to get through the pandemic. Now that things are starting to look a little brighter out there, it’s high time that we found a new way to treat ourselves that goes a little bigger than a second takeaway during the week or shelling out pay-per-view prices for the latest Hollywood blockbuster. For many of us who have spent the last year and more getting increasingly fed up with the sight of our own homes, we are looking for fresh ideas and inspiration for what to do with the space.

If you really want to treat yourself then why not think about converting that spare room into an entertainment space? Whether you want to transform that room into something that takes full advantage of the latest gaming and VR tech, or whether you want to create a time machine to embrace the games and movie-going experiences of your childhood, here are a few ideas to help you build your dream entertainment zone.

A Casino 

The pandemic may have kept us from going to Vegas, but if you are missing the thrill of the casino floor then it’s high time that you looked into how you can set up your own little slice of The Strip in your own home.

Now, if you want to go the vintage retro route there are plenty of options available. You can buy vintage slot machines; you can install a roulette wheel and you can even kit it out with casino style carpeting.

However, if you want to incorporate some more recent tech, why not think about installing webcams to share the experience with friends remotely and get them in on the action. Get some adjustable LED lighting to create the perfect mood, and don’t forget the Bluetooth speakers. One of the most important things to remember is that the perfect home casino is all about details, from the soundtrack to the dice, from the curtains to the drinks.

A Gaming Room

There is a big step to take from the “gaming room”, which tends to be a bean bag and a big TV, to a proper gaming room. We’re talking about a space that is themed around and centred on your favourite gaming experience, whatever that may be. If you are heavily into your VR games, then maybe all you need is a padded space with as little natural light and outside noise as possible to completely immerse you in the world of your game. However, if you got into gaming in the 90s or earlier, you might need something a little more retro and a lot more elaborate.

If you are looking to bring back the joys of the arcade, then this could be one of those projects that will go on as long as you want it to. There are always more little touches that you can add, from wall art and era-appropriate snacks to lighting and music. However, the cornerstone of any retro gaming room will always be the arcade machine. These are not necessarily cheap (you are probably looking at spending north of $1,000 to get a machine that actually works) but there really is nothing like them. Whether you are looking at the Coffee Arcade Table style or Upright Arcade Cabinet, this is something that requires a lot of love, care and attention. You are going to need to do your research into everything from the cables to the joysticks. You can read more about the hardware available at Bitcade and learn much more about retro gaming gear.

A Home Movie Theatre

Much like the home gaming room, there is a big difference between having what most people would think of as a home entertainment centre and creating something that deserves to be called a home theatre or home cinema. One thing’s for sure: we’ve all been trying to recreate the movie-going experience at home.

Start by making sure that you have the right equipment to watch your favourite movies the way they need to be seen. Do you want to install a projector, or is a giant hi-def screen that can handle your 4K Blu-rays the way to go? Would you rather deck out the room with reclining comfortable armchairs, or do you want to scour the internet for some genuine movie theatre seats?

Your sound system set-up is going to be absolutely crucial, and you do not want to skimp on your surround sound options. It may also be worth investing in some soundproofing, so you don’t disturb other members of your household when the bass rumbles, or your neighbours for that matter! Finally, you can think about the décor. What era are you trying to capture? Are you a fan of the neon and primary colours of the 80s? Or are you a classic film fan looking to bring back a little of that timeless elegance of the old-fashioned movie houses? Once again, this is going to be all about the little details to really get it right.

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