Games That Will Give you a Skydiving Like Adrenaline Rush

Lockdown conditions are making it challenging to get the sort of adrenaline rush that you might get from an activity such as skydiving. But there are still ways to get that high in your home.

Here are a few of the games that can hit the spot in this way during the coronavirus crisis.

Horror video games

A global pandemic might be more than scary enough for most of us, but perhaps playing horror video games could help to take your mind off the situation?

PS4 exclusive game Until Dawn is similar to a teen slasher movie, with the decisions that are made by the player helping to decide whether characters live or die.

An alternative that is available for PS4, Xbox One or PC, The Evil Within 2 has been out for a little while but is widely regarded as one of the top horror games of the last few years.

And of course, there is The Last of Us Part II, which might not be classed solely as a horror title but can certainly be considered one of the top games to have been released so far in 2020.

Fans of horror video games will also be looking forward to the release of Resident Evil 8: Village, which was recently announced as an upcoming title for Sony’s next gen console PlayStation 5.

When will it end, never!

Online slots games

With bricks and mortar casinos having had to close down because of the pandemic, playing at online casinos has become a lot more popular over the course of the past couple of months.

Online slots games are one of the most popular things to do at these sites as they offer glitz and glamour that is similar to a video game, as well as offering the chance to scoop a jackpot win.

For those who do not want to risk any of their own real money at online casinos, you can also play them for free without registration by signing up using a special new user promotion.

This gives people the best of both worlds, giving them the adrenaline rush provided by the very best online slots games without any of the associated risks involved with online gambling.

The choice of online slots games that can be played is bigger than ever before, with hundreds of options out there including titles that are based on popular films, TV series or video games.

Fighting video games

Back to video games now, with fighting-based titles also likely to provide a shot of adrenaline.

Classic titles like Mortal Komat and Soul Caliber are rightly regarded as some of the most important and influential games of all time, but there are a lot of good new options as well.

Anime fans ought to check out One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, which offers the chance to play as characters such as Saitama, the main hero, as well as Genos, Mumen Rider and Hellish Blizzard. The 3v3 fighting game provides heaps of fun for the player.

Crossover titles are always popular in this genre and Tekken X Street Fighter remains hotly awaited despite the fact that the game has been in development hell for a number of years.

Watch top esports action

Watching instead of playing games might not feel as though it would be exciting, but you might be surprised at how top esports action can get the blood pumping.

Tournaments are continuing despite the coronavirus crisis – events have had to be moved online – so esports have seen a large spike in interest over the course of the past few months.

The world’s best esports players are now celebrities in their own right, being able to make a small fortune from their skills when they have a pad in their hands.

Real life sports stars have also been getting involved in esports with them having not been able to play in any of their usual competitions in recent times because of the pandemic.

England footballers Raheem Sterling and Trent Alexander-Arnold were among those to play in the ePremier League international, which used the FIFA video game.

Cricket World Cup final hero Ben Stokes has also been taking part in esports. He had a go at getting behind the wheel in a Virtual Grand Prix to help fill the gap in the Formula One calendar.

Perhaps there will never be a better time to get into esports than right now – give them a go!

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