Google Play Pass Android Launch Details and Offers

Google offering lower prices for early subscribers

Today, Google launched its Google Play Pass Android game subscription service. It is a service that lets users pay a fixed fee to access multiple games without any ads or microtransactions.

Google said that at launch, the service will have over 350 games and apps. What’s interesting about the service is that it will not only have games but even a few premium well-known apps like Accuweather.

Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment in the gaming industry. But one of the main problems that negatively affect the user experience in this segment is things like ads, microtransactions, and in-app purchases. While PC and console gaming rely on a business model of direct, one time sales, the mobile gaming market often keeps the games as free to install, and then monetizes users via ads. Users can also make the ads go away, or gain other advantages and features in the game by paying money to purchase specific items.

The problem with mobile gaming

  • The ad and in-app purchase based business model of the mobile gaming industry often leads to a worse experience for gamers.
  • This is because while the initial cost of installing and starting the game can be 0, the overall cost of buying dozens of in-app items or features can be much higher than the upfront cost of a PC game.
  • Additionally, games will often make a player perform unnecessarily laborious tasks to make the player purchase an in-game item, which leads to frustration and bad user experience.
  • The monetization tactics used by mobile games are especially effective on kids, who may be easier to convince and manipulate.
Google Play Pass
Google Play Pass

How Google Play Pass solves these problems

A fixed, monthly subscription service would solve all these problems, which is why both Apple and Google have launched them. Apple recently announced its own subscription service – Apple Arcade that will be a competitor to Google Play Pass Android. Google Play Pass Android will be a fixed price, and for that price, you can play any of the 350 included games without any ads or in-app purchases. Additionally, you can also use the Google Play Family Library, which lets users share the subscription with up to 5 family members.

The initial roster for Google Play Pass Android has many premium high-quality games like:

Launch Price and offers

  • Google Play Pass Android is initially launching in the US, although Google said that it will eventually be available in all countries.
  • The regular price will be $4.99 per month with a 10-day free trial, although Google has a promotional offer, whereby users who sign up between now and October 10 will get it at $1.99 per month for the first year. All in all, Google Play Pass Android looks like it will be a really good deal, especially with the launch offer.
  • The service will be available on any android device running Android 4.4 Kitkat and above.

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