Great range of games to play at online casinos of Canada

Canadians can legally gamble at any licensed casino that welcomes residents of their country. There is no difference here – you can visit a land-based casino or bet at the internet gaming platform. Meanwhile, COVID-19 restrictions influenced the gambling industry, and most players had to turn to online variants of casinos. Last year over 12.6 billion dollars was spent on gambling, and in 2022 this digit might be higher.

There are over 250 legal, licensed casinos in Canada, and each of them offers tons of fun! Some sites are specified only on slots, while others let people choose more different games. Poker rooms are also trendy in the country. Thus, considering these moments, we have decided to overview the most popular and widespread casino online Canadian entertainments. More detailed information about these games can be found at Canada Casinos Online.

Online Roulette

Online roulette is probably not the most frequently chosen game, but it also has millions of fans. Players who follow roulette strategies have high chances of winning, especially when they choose a European, not American (with 2 Zeros) game variant.

Slots’ diversity

Almost all CA online gamblers play slots. Gaming machines that first appeared in the land-based casinos have conquered the internet gambling market. The variety of these games impresses:

  • Classic slots;
  • Video slots;
  • HD and 3G slots;
  • Poker machines;
  • Games with bonuses, etc.

Just pick the slot which can bring you more wins and…good luck!

Live Blackjack

Blackjack belongs to the card games with the simplest rule. It is straightforward to remember: all you need to do is get more points than the croupier. However, you must not have more than 21 points (bust). If it happens, you lose. Many Canadians love playing blackjack in live casinos. They get the excitement of mixing with a real dealer and chatting with him and other players.

Scratch Cards

The number of players that try their luck buying scratch cards impresses: almost 75% of Canadians do it regularly. A part of them chooses the online variant of the lottery. Everything here is straightforward: guess the right numbers, and win!


Bingo’s popularity is explained by the game’s simplicity and the possibility to get much money in a minute. The game is chosen quite frequently: everyone has a hope to win. Online bingo sites also offer fantastic jackpots. These cash prizes are awarded to lucky players who receive a full card within 42 or 48 or less of the drawn numbers. It doesn’t happen often, but the jackpot is very high.


Baccarat is not as popular as blackjack, although the games are alike. The baccarat player’s task is to get 9 or 8 points (cards worth 10 points are not calculated). Choosing this game at an casino online in Canada, you can play with many gamblers simultaneously and increase your winning chances.


Craps is the oldest dice game, although its popularity is fantastic even today, in 2022! Roll the dice clicking your mouse (if you use a laptop or a desktop for gambling) or tap the screen of your smartphone if you gamble on the go.

Video Poker

Video poker is played even by those far from playing card games. It is a combination of a Draw poker and slots. By choosing it, you also can learn the rules of the classic poker and probably, later, play this game.

Over the years, many varieties of video poker have emerged. The most popular option is Jacks or Better, but Joker Wild, Double Bonus, and All-American Video Poker are also very popular. Each variant is unique, but the goal is always to score as many points as possible with a poker hand.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a poker variant where you compete against the bank. The game is played at a high table similar to the blackjack or Straight Punto Banco table. It is played with a standard deck of cards and a joker for 53 cards. Your cards must be used so that the bottom 5-card combination is stronger than the top 2-card combination.


Keno is a favourite game of those who are lucky and good at making predictions. Choosing 5 numbers, you have to wait for the numbers chosen by the machine. You determine your strategy. If you tick a few numbers, you have a good chance of a modest profit. If you tick many numbers, your chance of winning decreases, but there are larger amounts to be won.


Today, in 2022, each Canadian over 18 has the right and possibility to gamble online. He can do it sitting by his computer or on the go. The greatest diversity of online casinos’ entertainment lets people do it without stress. Besides, almost all casinos invite players to try their games for free.

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