Guide: Tesla Model 3 – Range, Speed, Performance, and Charging

Unless you’re avoiding all motoring news, the electric car is back, and it’s here to stay. With the UK, among others working towards removing gas-guzzling vehicles from the roads, EV appears promising.

Tesla, of course, is perhaps the biggest name in EV right now (and that’s primarily thanks to head honcho Elon Musk). The Tesla M3 is one of the standout lines from the firm, promising to lead the way for pretenders to the throne. But what is it about the Model 3 that appeals to so many would-be EV adopters?

In this guide, we’ll look at all the basics you need to know about the Model 3. Is it worth you investing in Tesla tech right now? Possibly – but we’re going to need to crunch some numbers.

How Far Can the Tesla Model 3 Go?

The Tesla Model 3’s public range can travel at least 250 miles on one charge. The higher-end Model 3s, such as those in the Long Range, could take you as far as 330 miles plus. That’s a lot of road covered.

Mileage and charge potential are two of the most important things new buyers look for in EV. In fact, if you’re keen to get into Tesla, you could win a Tesla Model 3 through BitCasino! Otherwise, if you’re looking for a long-driving EV that’s worth every penny, the M3 is absolutely worth saving up for.

How Fast, and Powerful, is the Tesla Model 3?

Boasting an electric motor weighing in at 180kW, M3 can achieve speeds of up to 140 miles per hour. That, at least, is what the Standard Range Plus can achieve.

The Performance series, meanwhile, goes even faster. It has two motors meaning double the power. That ultimately means you could achieve speeds of up to 162 miles per hour. That’s impressive, given its EV we’re talking about!

The Standard Range Plus M3 can get to 60 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds. The Performance, meanwhile, is again even faster. You can reach 60 in just over three seconds, making it one of the nippiest EV standards on the market.

The Long Range variant sits neatly in the middle. It can reach a still-sprightly 60 miles per hour in just over four seconds. Regardless of your car budget, you still have a lot of power at your fingertips.

Tesla Model 3 torque varies between 404 and 660 Nm. With twin motors in the Performance line, you’re looking at up to 377kW. There’s little wonder Musk’s machines are raising eyebrows.

How Do I Charge My Tesla Model 3?

Naturally, looking up charging information on the Model 3 is an excellent idea before you buy. It boasts AC and DC and has a type 2 connector. This means you’ll easily be able to hook it up to a standard supply at home on a ‘slow’ or ‘fast’ basis. You’ll need a 3-pin cable to type 2 for this charging standard.

For rapid charging, you’ll need a type 2 to type 2 connection. You may find that your Model 3 even arrives with this cable as standard. Do remember, though, that you may need to activate a Tesla account via a smartphone app to charge up at public points.

Charging times, of course, will vary depending on the cable you use and the point you plug into. At slowest (3kW), it’ll take you shy of 20 hours to charge from dead to 100%.

However, rapid charging at an enormous 120kW will take you from a flat battery to around 80% in 20 minutes. The midground here, a fast charge of about 22kW, will charge your car entirely in five and a half hours. In any case, you can plug in and go in less than a day!

Is the Model 3 the Ideal EV?

Tesla’s Model 3 is undoubtedly one of the most appealing EV options on the market. Of course, Tesla certainly remains a high-profile manufacturer, meaning their vehicles will always be big players.

However, many M3 drivers claim this car is super-fun to drive – and it certainly seems to be powerful enough to warrant a purchase. Do some homework and see what works best for you!

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