How Animated Explainer Videos Can Help You Grow Your Business

Whether you already have an existing website or are just starting out, audiovisual materials can be a great help in getting it going.  Today we will talk about animated videos for business in more detail.

What are explanatory videos?

Video is one of the most in-demand forms of content marketing today.  This is because it is a visual, entertaining and direct way to get the message across to the audience.

An explanatory video is nothing more than an animation that allows you to explain an idea, product or service in a simple way in a short time.  This is done by answering a series of questions that users will ask.

Also, if you have unusual services or products that are difficult to describe in plain text, then animated videos will help.  Thus, you can present information to your audience, and they will understand it without any problems.

These videos use animation to explain the most important aspects of a product or service (what it is and what it is for).  It is recommended that they last an average of 1 minute, or a maximum of 2. But good explanatory audiovisual material should grab attention in the first 10 seconds.  They can be made without cameras, lights or actors.

In order to get a quality video, you can always turn to an animated explainer video maker by Explain Ninja.

Some statistics about such videos

  • 81% of companies use video as a marketing tool.
  • On average, people watch 1.5 hours of video per day.
  • Marketers rely on video to promote their business.  -For example, 97% indicated that audiovisuals help them better understand their products or services, while 76% say they allow them to increase sales, and the same number indicate that they help them increase traffic.
  • More than 70% of users prefer information that comes with video, not just text.
  • According to studies, 82% of Spanish Internet users regularly watch videos on the Internet.
  • Brands such as Google, Microsoft or Facebook use this type of audiovisual content to promote new products or news on their services.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos on Your Website

Using video online is not only a smart strategy, but also a way to improve your search engine rankings.  This will increase the traffic to your website at the same time.  Consider the benefits of using explanatory audiovisual materials on your website:

Demonstrates professionalism

The simple fact of having an explanatory video on your website makes you look more professional.  Consumers perceive the company positively, it gives them a sense of its reliability and enterprise if the audiovisual materials are of good quality.

This tool will allow you to improve the image of the company.  You will stand out from competitors who are not ambitious in using new formats and strategies to display their content.

By using these videos, you show that you are investing time in your company.  And also in explaining the services it provides or the products it sells and in its development.  Which can lead to an increase in potential customers.

You save time

Some companies tend to get stuck in the past.  And they provide long text information that potential customers rarely read.

Consumers tend to be impatient.  So if you save time for prospects, simplify the information, and show it to them in a dynamic and entertaining way with an explainer video, the balance is sure to tip in your favor.

You stand out from your competitors

Originality is what will set you apart from all competing companies.  Because no matter what you sell, there are probably an infinite number of companies that sell the same product in the same market.

A bright and innovative explanatory video can be the only element that will allow consumers to remember your brand and not the brand of competitors.

You will reach a large audience without even knowing it.

Videos are tools that you can place on your own website, on social networks, on channels of this format, in mailing lists, etc.  This will help you reach a wider audience without asking them to visit your site directly.

The goal of every website owner is to have it appear on the first page of the Google search engine.  While this is not an easy task, it is not impossible either.  This search engine is currently showing mixed media on the first page of results, which means videos and images will now be visible.  So now is the time to use it.

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