How Bitcoin Blockchain Technology Came To A Revival

As per the latest data on the bitcoin blockchain, it is being said that its activity has again come into force after not being heard for quite some time now. If we talk about the BTC transaction fee, there has been a rise of about 17% in the past week. The on-chain activity of bitcoin was seen as a depressing reason being the negligible numbers of transactions that took place along with low fees. The fee amount is the sum which an investor pays to complete the transaction that he/she is making. This fee is received by the miners which in return makes the transfer possible for a miner. To maximise their earnings, the miners can prioritise the transaction that they want to facilitate earlier as per the fee they receive for completing them. If you are planning to invest in Bitcoin, you may consider knowing about the Effect Of Bitcoin On Gaming Industry.

An average BTC transaction fee can vary as per the circumstances such as the condition of the network, and electricity availability while making a transfer happen. When the pool is clogged due to the transaction happening on the network, it is very likely for the transaction fee to go high. This is because only a very minimal proportion of transactions may be processed simultaneously on the bitcoin network. Hence the one who attaches a bigger fee for their transactions gets the deal done.

Blockchain Technology’s Effect On The World Economy

Here in this article, we will be discussing blockchain technology and how it affects the global economy. We can see the development of blockchain technology in three main phases. All those three phases will be discussed in this article here.

Blockchain 1.0

The very inaugural phase of blockchain came to bring some changes in the working of the monetary system. Many cryptocurrencies like bitcoin took birth during the development of this phase of blockchain technology. The consensus model used in these cryptocurrencies was a proof of work model. With the help of blockchain technology, a new experience in the transactional system was felt although it could have been said that this technology has a future beyond cryptocurrencies. Due to some other reasons there came a time which led to the inception of the second generation of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain 2.0

With the 2nd generation, a new idea of the smart contract with Ethereum cryptocurrency emerged which anyway left bitcoin with hype in the cryptocurrency market. At this stage, many developers not only took Ethereum as merely a digital currency but also a platform that could afford its users a scalable experience where they could make decentralised apps. At this stage, the concept of smart contracts also gained hype to make the agreement process more automated, effective as well as secure.

Blockchain 3.0

The following generation of blockchain technology was 3.0. This system came to be known as bringing the most efficient blockchain solution. At this phase, the effect of the blockchain technology on the economy was emphasised along with several defects of the system were also resolved. Many other consensus models have opted during these times apart from the POW model.

Blockchain 4.0

At this stage, blockchain technology gained more widespread usage. Its usage was brought into the business activities. This addition brought more approaches as well as solutions to make the industrial area attain more perfection in its working.


The article here has talked about the revival of blockchain technology in the present times. As we know that blockchain technology has developed during the different phases, and all those scenarios have been discussed in this blog above. I hope you will benefit from this article and the information provided under this.

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