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How to apply different methods of slot analysis in online casino Australia?

Modern gamblers can choose from a huge number of slot machines, different in their theme, symbolism, technical indicators, bonus rounds. To increase their chances of winning, users of online casino Australia, for example,, can use various analytical approaches, such as micro, macro and nano-analyses. Let’s take a closer look at what this means and how these methods can be applied.


Micro-analysis is the analysis of an online casino Australia slot machine at the level of an individual game. The main activity of the user focuses on determining the probabilities of falling out of certain symbols and combinations during the game. Players using micro-analysis can study the pay tables and rules of the game to understand which combinations of symbols will result in the maximum profit.

A micro-analysis of a slot in online casino Australia, carried out more qualitatively, also includes the calculation of the mathematical expectation of winnings, which is the average value of winnings in the long term. Knowing this metric helps users determine how profitable a particular slot is in the long run.


Macro-analysis is the analysis of various slot machines. It is clear that the sample of entertainment can be large. For example, you can study slots related to a certain topic, or those that have low volatility, high variance, maximum return rate. The criteria are set independently.

This method of studying slot machines focuses on statistical data on wins and losses collected over a long period of time. Players using macro-analysis determine data on payouts and percentages of returns of slot machines, then summarize the resulting indicators and reveal the arithmetic average.


Nano-analysis of a certain slot in online casino Australia is a research method that allows you to study in detail a certain entertainment and find out all its features. It includes a detailed study of every aspect of the game, including the rules, the probabilities of winning combinations falling out, as well as the mathematical model on which the game is based.

Nano-analysis allows you to determine the theoretical payout percentage (RTP) of the game. But in fact, this is only a check of this key indicator, because it is indicated by the developer.

Long-term nano-analysis allows you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a slot machine. And this, in turn, not only gives an understanding of whether a certain slot for a long game will be interesting, but also whether it is possible to use a certain strategy when playing on it, and what features to take into account when managing a bankroll.

Do you need to conduct an analysis before you start playing?

Here are a few reasons why conducting a slot machine analysis can be helpful:

  • The player can choose a slot with a higher percentage of return.
  • Understanding the rules and features of the game, such as bonus rounds functions, maximum and minimum bets, number of paylines.
  • Formation of a more effective game strategy.
  • Correction of inaccuracies in the algorithm of the game, which gambler used earlier.
  • Determination of the frequency of falling out of winning combinations, the magnitude of the maximum win.
  • Making more informed decisions about managing your bankroll.

Of course, it is not necessary to do an analysis. In either case, probabilities are determined primarily by a random number generator. However, although the results are random, still knowing all the features and technical characteristics of a particular slot sometimes makes it possible to increase the chances of making a profit.

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