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How To Change Nickname On Discord In A Few Easy Steps

Here is everything you need to know about changing your nickname on Discord

Discord as a platform has become synonymous with gamers and just about everyone who plays video games uses it. But the vast amount of customization it offers can make the app a bit tricky to navigate. You can easily change your nickname in a few simple steps but not everyone knows how to. Keep reading to find out how to change the nickname on Discord. There are two methods to change your Discord name and we will go over both.

Method 1 – How To Change Nickname On Discord From Account Settings

How To Change Nickname On Discord
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Launch the Discord app or head to to launch the web version. Once everything loads up, do the following:

Click on the white cogwheel that is beside your name on the bottom left which will open up the Settings Menu.

  • Head to the user settings and click on the Edit button.
  • This menu lets change your username, email or password.
  • Click on your username and put in the new name that you want to keep.
  • You can also use the same menu to change your email or password if you want,

Once you are done, just click on Confirm and you are good to go. You will need to put in your password to confirm the changes. There is a save button to apply all of the changes and clicking on it once will complete your name change.

Method 2 – Server Settings

If you want to change your username for a specific server, you can do so even if you do not own the server.

  • Click on the server settings in the menu bar and it will have the server name on it.
  • Click on the dropdown menu and click on Change Nickname.
  • You can now put in a new nickname.
  • Once you are done changing your name, hit confirm and you are done!

Method 3 – Using Shortcodes

Discord makes use of commands which are also known as shortcodes. They are designed to save you the hassle of clicking and scrolling through all the settings to make changes to your name. Simply type in ‘/nick’ in the messaging area and put in your new nickname with a space between nick and your name.

The above method works as long as you have permission to change your nickname on a particular server. By default, all servers allow its users to change nicknames so you should not have any issues.

Which is your preferred method of how to change nickname on discord on Discord? Let us know in the comments below.

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