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How to Easily Learn to Play Cribbage

The Cribbage card game seems difficult, but one can easily learn it. However, doing so on your own can be difficult because of the rules and strategies. So, the best way to learn how to play Cribbage is to check the online sites for you to study.

Here is a step-by-step guide with a look into the Cribbage rules to help you learn the game.

Object of the Game

In the Cribbage game, the player needs to score 121 points. The number of points you have won is determined by each hand in the game.

Description of Cribbage Board 

A Cribbage board has 121 holes and is available in 3 colors. The board also contains three pegs of each color that are kept in the board’s small compartment. The role of the peg is to track points you have scored through the game.

Step 1: Understand How the Game Works

Continue reading to understand how to play Cribbage 2 players. Below are some guidelines that you need to follow during the game:

  • When there are two players, the dealer deals with six cards
  • When there are three players, the dealer deals with five cards. One card is then thrown off the side.
  • If there are four people, the dealer deals with five cards, where each player sits opposite the other.

During the game, one can easily determine who will set the full deck of cards. The player who cuts the lowest cards becomes the dealer. Each time a new hand is dealt, the dealer is changed.

Step 2: Pick up the Cards

The next step to learning how to play Cribbage for beginners is to pick up cards and then put them back. If you do it in the order from smallest to largest, you can easily count points.

Step 3: Learn the Point System

Below are some common point systems of the Cribbage game:

  • Basic hands are any card that adds up to the sum of 15.
  • Pairs are regarded as the two of the same card
  • Flushes are four or more of the same suit
  • Three-of-a-kind
  • Runs of 3 or more are the cards that are in numerical order

Step 4: Find Card Combinations

If you want to win the game, you need to find the card combinations that can help you get higher points. It’s important because after six cards are dealt, you must eliminate two cards. But if only five cards are dealt, you need to eliminate one card.

Step 5: Discard the Cards

The next step to learning how to play Cribbage board involves discarding cards you are not using. While discarding the cards, keep them in a face-down manner in a pile, which is known as a crib. Generally, a crib is a four-card hand made of discarded cards. At last, the dealer can use the crib to earn extra points by counting the crib.

Step 6: Begin the Game

Once the player has discarded the card, the game begins. The player cuts the remaining deck of cards on the dealer’s left. After that, the dealer pulls the top card off the cut deck.

The cut card is placed on the top of the remaining deck so it can come to play later in the game. The value of the card is announced by the non-dealer or the person on the left.

In the Cribbage game, face cards have a higher value. In contrast, other cards have a value similar to their numeric description. You can make a good start by laying down the highest card.

Step 7: Count the Points

Once the first player announces the card’s value, the player to the left will lay down one of their cards to add up to 15 for two points.

You can also lay a similar card to the previously laid card. For instance, you lay four after four. Lay a card down in a run of three to score more points. Suppose you have laid a 7, another person lays 6, and another person lays 8.

The person at the end can say 21 for three and peg three points from the board. Lastly, one can collect scores while laying down to add up to 31. It’s the highest number that Cribbage players can score.

Step 8: Finish the Game

After laying down all the cards, you can count your hand again. For this, you must determine different ways you can add up your cards to 15.

Suppose you have a single combination of 15. In this case, you have to say 15 for 2. But if you have two combinations, you can say 15 for 4. Continue saying this until you have no more combinations of 15. Also, it’s important to determine any points, runs, or three-of-a-kind.


Now that you have finished reading the how to play Cribbage for dummies guide, you can play Cribbage online for free on play Cribbage, the best website to play Cribbage.

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