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How to Find Star Wars Lightsaber in Fortnite?

Star Wars lightsaber is in the game and here is how you can find it.

Fortnite has been around for 2 years, however, it feels longer. The reason behind this is the game has been through 10 seasons, and we are in the eleventh season now. If there is something Fortnite does better than other games, it is the events. Fortnite events are generally iconic and interesting to play. We have seen this first with the Infinity Gauntlet event. This event allowed us to play with Thanos. It was incredible game mode and people enjoyed it so much that Epic Games decided to make the events a regular thing. This year alone, we have seen Batman X Fortnite crossover event and Borderlands X Fortnite crossover event. However maybe the most memorable is the current Star Wars X Fortnite event.

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These events are always great for hyping the players up and allowing them to do things that are unavailable in a normal match. Star Wars X Fortnite Crossover event is extremely nice. Also, there will be even a premiere event for the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker. In this event, players will probably be able to buy special skins and sets for their characters. Fortnite skins are great ways for players to customize their characters. Since the game, is for free these types of microtransactions are considered ok. Also in this event, players can use lightsabers in-game. This is awesome for Star Wars fans.

How to find Star Wars lightsaber in Fortnite?

Star Wars lightsabers are so iconic we are sure that many players just cannot wait to have it in their hands. Currently, players cannot purchase this item also. However, you can find the Star Wars lightsaber is available in special blue chests. These chests are giving a bluish color when you see them. There are several choices, and they are all iconic from the Star Wars Franchise. If you can find these chests, you will also find many lightsabers inside. There are plenty of choices. Currently, there are no lightsabers as Pickaxes in the game, however, we are sure that they will be added in the future.

Find Star Wars Lightsaber in Fortnite
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To use the lightsabers in Fortnite players need to understand the mechanics of it. The Star Wars lightsabers are great for deflecting enemy bullets and making yourself a shield. Players can also do combos with the lightsabers. Currently, as far as we have found, there is no blocking timer. Shotguns damage you, although classic AR bullets are completely blockable. Players can also run and build, while they have the lightsaber in their hands. However, you will need your rifles regardless, because the mechanic of the lightsaber leaves you a little vulnerable, as you are swinging it. We hope that you will enjoy this Star Wars X Fortnite collaboration. Maye the force be with you.

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