How To Set Up a Mobile Hotspot Connection

These days, it is rare to find anyone who can stay away from the internet for too long. And it’s not even a matter of habits! Now, there are countless tasks that you can only do online. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, especially, having access to the internet has become vital.  

Luckily, internet service providers have kept pace with the changing needs of everyone. For instance, a subscription to Spectrum cable can also give you access to internet and mobile plans. By purchasing a bundle package, you can easily meet all your needs.  

But what about when you have to urgently do an online task outside your home? If you can do the task on your smartphone device, you can simply use your mobile data. But what about work that requires you to use another device, like a laptop or computer? Should you look around for a public Wi-Fi connection? This may seem like the easiest option, but it actually isn’t. This is why turning your smartphone device into a Wi-Fi hotspot is your best bet.

Why Use a Mobile Hotspot?  

Unless you have absolutely no choice, you must stay away from public Wi-Fi connections. This is because such networks pose great security risks. As lots of people can access a public Wi-Fi network easily, all your sensitive data is at risk of being stolen or misused. Thus, you should never trust a public Wi-Fi connection like you do your home Wi-Fi.

Your home Wi-Fi usually has multiple layers of protection. Since it has a password, you can keep track of who exactly has access to it. A public Wi-Fi connection, on the other hand, is dangerous. So, you should only use it in dire situations. For example, you are not at home, all your mobile data has run out, and you need to urgently use the internet.

If you have mobile data, then your only option should be a mobile hotspot. It is safe, reliable, and super convenient.

How Does a Mobile Hotspot Work?

Turning your smartphone device into a mobile hotspot means turning it into a type of Wi-Fi router. Therefore, you can use this for accessing the internet on other devices, such as your laptop. So, if you need to quickly revise a document or stream something on a laptop, you can simply connect it to your phone to access the internet. You can even share your internet with a small group of friends or family members who are with you!

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot  

So, you have ample mobile data and want to access the internet on¬†another device‚ÄĒbe it your laptop, or your friend‚Äôs¬†smartphone.¬†How can you turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot? The process is surprisingly simple.

Turn Your Android Device into a Wi-Fi Hotspot  

If you own an Android smartphone, you can easily use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Whether it’s a Samsung, LG, OnePlus, or Pixel device, it will support a hotspot connection. How? You simply need to follow these steps. 

  • Open your device‚Äôs Settings¬†app.¬†
  • Find the Connections, or Networks and Internet option.
  • Click on the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering option.
  • Select the Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi Hotspot option.
  • Give your hotspot connection a unique network name.
  • Take note of the password you need to access the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Change your password if you want to.

Make Your iOS Device a Wi-Fi Hotspot  

Using a hotspot connection on an iOS device is just as easy. Here’s how you can quickly turn your iPhone or iPad into a Wi-Fi hotspot.  

  • Open your device‚Äôs Settings app.¬†
  • Select the Cellular option.
  • Click on Personal Hotspot.
  • Move the slider on the Allow Other to Join option. It will turn green.
  • Take note of the password you need to access the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Change your password if you want to.

Connect Your Device to Your Mobile Hotspot  

After you have set up your Wi-Fi Hotspot on your smartphone, you can easily use it on any other device. If you want to use the internet on a laptop, the process is simple. First, you need to click on your Wi-Fi icon at the bottom of your screen and look for available connections.  

Here, you will spot the name of your mobile spot. Select the hotspot connection, and then type in your password that you set or took note of. Now, your device will connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi connection. The best part? It is absolutely safe. 

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