How to succeed in the Gaming Industry: 10 tips

The quality standards of graphics, gameplay, and storytelling in the game development industry are constantly rising. Old classic games were made by teams of 1-20 people with budgets ranging from $100,000 to $10 million. And now, there are hundreds of people working on big games, and sometimes marketing budget even exceeds the costs of production.

If you are passionate about mobile, computer, or online games and want to become a successful developer, our article was written for you. Here we’ve put together our top 10 tips for a successful career in the gaming industry. So, let’s start.

1. Set a Goal

Game development is a huge industry and it keeps growing. To achieve noticeable results, you should understand your strength. Try to analyze what attracts you more — computer or mobile games, creating a design, or writing scripts. Proper goal setting will help you to succeed faster.

2. Choose a Programming Language

If you are interested in games for Android, then you need to learn Java. Applications for iOS are created in Objective-C, and advanced knowledge of C++ is required for complex PC projects. Just choose what suits you best.

3. Invest in Educating

You will always have to learn new technical skills, tools, and software before doing something new. For example, if you are going to play in a casino for the first time, you should probably read some rules and learn the main mistakes of beginners before betting yourself. The same approach can be applied to game development. There are plenty of materials and opportunities which can help with this:

  • courses on Coursera, Udemy, edX
  • youtube videos
  • professional literature
  • internships

4. Learn From Others

Unlike the average user, developers are not just playing games. They are analyzing implemented technical solutions and take everything useful to boost their ideas. Therefore, play mobile games, analyze, try to understand the algorithms, and think about how you can use this in your projects.

5. Prefer Quality

Most of the best indie games are pretty small, but crafted carefully, up to the smallest detail. There is no need to make a huge project with endless universes, which will be weak in all components. Thus, give preference to quality

6. Do Not Create Games Just For Money

It’s better to monetize your project slowly. For instance, even the most successful online casinos do not try to earn as much money as it is possible. On the contrary, they give huge discounts and bonuses to all gamblers. Following this or any other link with a selection of the best casinos, you can see that even large websites create really low deposit requirements. Your game shouldn’t be chasing millions either. However, if you need more money, just find a job and develop your projects in your spare time.

7. Involve Others

If you have even a small budget — do not try to do everything yourself. Sometimes this tip can save the whole project. If you are a good programmer, but a terrible artist, just pay someone for really beautiful graphics.

gaming consoles

8. Make Sure You Like the Game

Of course, if you want to make your game popular — you should also think about other opinions. Nevertheless, you are the leader of the project. And if you don’t like the game, then surely nothing good will happen in the result.

9. Do Not Forget About Marketing

Do not expect spontaneous success. Create a press release, website, and landing pages for your project. Write to website editors, ask for reviews, send your press release to journalists and bloggers.

10. Always Finish Your Projects

Do not give up projects after receiving negative feedback, improve them instead. Also, try to work on your projects on a regular basis, otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to force yourself and finish everything later. And remember, If one project fails, always start the next one.


At first glance, game development is an exciting thing to do. There is definitely some truth in these words. On the other hand, it takes months or even years of hard teamwork to make a popular game. Thus, don’t expect to create a masterpiece on your own in a week. To succeed in this industry you need to be disciplined, constantly evolve your skills and collaborate with others.

Finally, don’t leave your ideas for tomorrow. Start writing code or drawing sketches today. And maybe you will be the next game development star.

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