Important Facts to Know about Amazon AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Before reaching out for the AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate, there are a few details you should understand. These facts will help you to be mentally prepared for what to expect in terms of the official exam, SAA-C02 by code. So, we will capture the details that include the format of the test, certificate level, cost, and more.

Facts to Know about This AWS Certificate

  • The certification exam follows a clear format

The items in SAA-C02 are either multiple-choice or multiple-answers. In particular, multiple-choice questions require you to pick one correct answer out of several choices. On the other hand, multiple-answer tasks require you to pick two correct responses for each question asked.

  • Belongs to the associate level

The Amazon AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate is an associate-level certificate. It is designed to help practicing solutions architects improve their professional skills and make them more industry-ready. This certification has to be renewed every three years to confirm that the specialist is up to date with new tendencies of cloud technology in addition to skills. For more visit

  • Exam delivered in varied methods

There are two ways in which you can sit for the AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate test. One of the ways concerns tackling it in a physical testing center when it is time. Or you can also opt for a proctored online exam, which is most convenient if you cannot get a break from work to go to a physical test center. Either way, the credibility of your exam is guaranteed.

  • The certification test has timelines

Whether you opt for the physical or online validation, you will have 2 hours 10 minutes to complete and hand in your paper. Your responses will be examined and you will get the results of the test within five business days. The passing score to seek should start from 720 points, where 1000 is the maximum mark.

  • You have to pay for registration

The final exam for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification will cost you $150. If you opt to take a practice exam to familiarize yourself with exam concepts, you will have to pay an additional $20. Note that the exam fee is non-refundable, whether you pass or fail the real test. If at all you flunk and wish to retake SAA-C02, you need to pay the whole exam cost and wait to take the test one more time after 14 days.

  • You can choose your preferred language

AWS offers the test for the AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate in four diverse languages. Thus, you can take SAA-C02 in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. Pick the language that you are most conversant with to help you understand the exam questions. It is also advisable to study for the official exam in the same language so you do not get confused when you sit for it.


The Amazon AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect Associate certificate helps you to stand out as a solutions architect in a very competitive industry. Still, this certification can only be earned if you pass the AWS SAA-C02 test. Luckily, the terms of such an exam are very friendly and give you a high chance of passing it. Ranging from the language diversity, fees, and enough time to complete the actual test, this designation is something you should seriously consider undertaking.

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