Important Things to Consider When Choosing Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are the most popular customer rewards programs in various online casinos. The platforms use them to attract new customers and appreciate returning players for their continued support.

Online casino bonuses are in different forms, including no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. Most of them give free spins, match-up offers, and cash back. However, before you choose any bonus, there are some things you have to check out. They help you to successfully claim and receive the promotion without issues. Here’s what to consider when choosing online casino bonuses.

1. Qualifying Deposit

A qualifying deposit is the amount of money you must deposit in the casino to receive the bonus. Many bonuses have different qualifying deposits. So, you should know the one for the bonus you want to claim and meet it to get the offer.

For example, a casino may give 200 free spins in the welcome bonus to new players who deposit $40 or above. Any deposit below this amount doesn’t qualify for the bonus.

Best of all, casinos automatically credit the bonuses to your account after meeting the needed deposits. However, the casino can also add the bonus manually if you don’t get it because of a technical glitch. You only contact the customer support team for help.

2. Validity

Each online casino bonus has a validity period, which is the time you have to use the offer. It can be seven days, two weeks, or a month. You must use the bonus in the allowed period because it expires afterward.

When the specified time elapses, the casino removes it from your account. The best thing is to know the bonus validity to help you claim and use the offer on time.

Also, choose bonuses that are valid for a long period. Luckily, many online casinos want their customers to enjoy the promotions so, they give them a long validity period. In fact, most top online casino bonuses are valid for over 21 days. This gives you enough time to use the bonus and meet its wagering requirements. Best of all, you can find many of them on the above link. The bonuses have valid bonus codes, are for all players, and are from reputable casinos. Explore them for a happy gaming experience.

3. Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is the number of times you must play through with your winnings from the bonus. Unfortunately, you can’t cash out any earnings from it before meeting them. For instance, if a bonus has a 30x wagering requirement, you must multiply your winnings from it by 30 to be able to cash them out. Many casino bonuses have different wagering requirements, such as:

  • 30 x
  • 35 x
  • 40 x
  • 50 x

Look for bonuses with small wagering requirements because you can quickly meet them. Moreover, if you find a wager-free bonus, go for it because it is more favorable. You can withdraw your winnings from it without limitations.

4. Eligible Games

Some online casino bonuses apply to only a few games on the platform. For example, casinos give free spins on only specified slot games and you can’t use them on other titles. You can learn about the eligible games for each bonus when you read its terms.

Moreover, you get other bonuses when you play specific games, especially new ones. Online casinos partner with game developers to attract players to them. The best strategy they use is giving special bonuses on the latest games. When you identify and play them, you receive the bonus.

5. Maximum Winnings

The winnings you can get from some casino bonuses are capped at a specific amount and you can’t earn anything above it. If your earnings are above the limit, the casino forfeits the excess amount.

Let’s say the bonus gives a 100% match-up bonus of up to $1000 for any deposit of $100 and above. If you deposit $1200 on the platform, you only receive a bonus of $1000 because the casino forfeits the excess $200. It is better to claim bonuses with higher limits to boost your earning potential from them.

6. Country Restrictions

Some online casinos have special bonuses for players from different countries. What does this mean? You can’t claim and receive any bonus for players from other countries because you only qualify for those designed for your country.

The best thing is to check the country restrictions before claiming casino bonuses. Remember, if you use other illegal means to get the bonus, the casino can forfeit it. Not only that, but it can also ban your account if caught.

7. Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are popular in many online casinos and you use them to get various bonuses. When you enter the promotional code after meeting the qualifying criteria, you receive the casino bonus.

Online casinos also update the codes from time to time so, before you claim any casino bonus, ensure you have the correct code. However, bonuses without codes are also many in online casinos. You get them by only meeting the qualifying deposit or any other criteria set by the casino.

8. Terms and Conditions

Besides all the things above, you need to read the bonus terms and conditions. This is because they cover everything you have to know about the bonuses. Remember, each bonus has unique terms, and you risk losing the offer if you break any of them.

Fortunately, online casinos always provide the rules on the bonus page. Read them and claim the offer if you agree with its terms. But if you don’t accept them, you can leave the bonus and look for another.

Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses

The top secret to enjoying online casino bonuses is understanding them. You need to know what the bonus is all about and its qualifying criteria. This enables you to identify the best bonuses and claim them without issues.

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