Is Latvia an Online Casino Paradise?

Unlike many other countries in Latvia, online gambling is well regarded since it has been legalised for years.This is why finding the Best casino games in Latvia can be much easier than expected. There are more operators that have obtained their licences and offer security to their players so choosing the best one will be easier.

According to official data, casino and online casino games contribute greatly to the country’s economy. In fact, in 2016, gambling collected almost 250 million euros, which is quite a significant figure.

There’s a great variety of games, especially slots, which are quite popular in the country, so they represent the highest percentage of winnings in this case. There are also casino bonus Latvia that players can access at these casinos.

Gaming authorities in Latvia

There is a main gaming authority in the country, which is in charge of standardising the processes and creating the laws under which gambling is regulated. Its name is the “Inspectorate on the Supervision of Lotteries and Gambling,” indicated specifically under the Law on Gambling and Lotteries.

Other laws are associated with the various games of chance known as the “Law on Lotteries of Goods and Services” and the “Law on Taxation of Lotteries and Games of Chance.” In turn, several decrees supervise each specific gaming area to ensure that all sites comply with the requirements to operate legally.

Online casinos in Latvia

For online casinos to operate legally in the country, they must process their licences like regular casinos do. Once the licence is in their hands, the casino is validated as a legal establishment in the country and can start offering its services without any hindrance.

This is the reason why gambling in Latvia is a very popular activity: since all casinos are regulated and verified, players can participate in them safely and under the protection of the law.

Additionally, as a curious fact, casinos in Latvia tend to focus their services predominantly on slots. This is due to the fact that their popularity is quite high, to the point that slots represent 75% of the gambling income in the country.

Slots, the most popular game in Latvia

Although other types of gambling are legalised in the country, slots are firmly positioned as the most popular option in the country.

For this reason, online casinos and most game developers focus on offering a great variety of slots. In this way, all players will have diverse game options. They can choose their favourite modality or the title they like the most.

Are there other types of online casino games that are taken into account?

Despite the dominance of slots, all types of casino games tend to be frequented. Therefore, it is very likely that you will see several full gaming tables as well as online casino sections.

The truth is that the variety is not scarce, so you can easily find something to your liking.

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