Monero (XMR): The real Fungibility Cryptocurrency


Monero is very popular and many famous scams have existed in the pages of history during its mining, so what makes it so popular?

The feature of user-oriented mechanisms of Monero transactions makes it special, privacy is guaranteed at a high-level maintaining anonymity and at the same time.

The Monero blockchain network is known for its opaqueness and disguised transaction addresses, however, Monero has been the easy target of Hackers and illegal miners due to its simple infrastructure.

What is Monero XMR?

Monero Cryptocurrency was made to address privacy-oriented features in Bitcoin, as Bitcoin has been suffering from Double-spending attacks and other online transaction scams, also the miners have taken unfair advantage of its weak confidential system. Before investing in bitcoin, you can visit the official british bitcoin profit .

Monero is considered as one of its unique kinds of cryptocurrency which helps in reducing the fungibility in Bitcoin and blockchain networks, also its programming language is updated every six months.

Monero provides untraceable transaction addresses which ensure high-level privacy for its users, its open-source technology helps to save the payment for future transactions.

When did Monero XMR was launched?

The Launch of Monero has its kind of journey, it has suffered lots of rejection and a slow success rate when it was introduced in 2013.

However, the originalities of Monero were sprouted from the publishing of White paper, this White paper was released by Nicolas van Saberhagen.

The name of this white paper was CryptoNote which drew the attention of many renowned cryptographers, and after much research, they decided to create a Coin named ‘ByteCoin’, based on the principles of CryptoNote.

But soon, this project was closed after its success rate was very slow and due to its faulty supply chain.

Again in2014, with a new name and correction in its mechanism the coin was launched by the name ‘BitMonero’, which was again under the allegation due to its name, but finally choosing an artificial name (Esperanto), ‘Monero’, instead of ‘BitMonero’, it came to its final form.

How did Monero XMR work?

Monero is based on such fundamentals that would help the miners to mine effortlessly every new block within less time, also it has given freedom of using any cheap or inexpensive form of hardware, like CPU or Graphics card.

Monero’s working mechanism is similar to that of other cryptocurrencies in terms of Proof-of-mining validations that also encourage the miners to earn XMR after mining a new block, also the linking time of a new Block to the blockchain is supposedly two minutes.

The algorithm of Monero is RandomX, which causes different effects in mining devices, like the recent RandomX upgrades that have enabled the miners to mine private coins using CPU.

Features of Monero XMR?

Monero is excessively described to support CPU-based mining, its mining software helps to connect one miner’s mining hardware with the Cryptocurrency’s mining pool.

Below are some features that could be seen as the Top features of Monero as a popular Cryptocurrency:

  • Monero is easily available for three kinds of Crypto mining i.e., Solo Mining, through the Monero mining pool, or via the Monero Cloud mining.
  • Monero is a fungible Cryptocurrency, which means the two crypto coins with the same monetary value can easily be fused, unlike the two 10 dollars notes that carry the same monetary value can’t be substituted as they have different serial numbers imprinted on them.
  • Monero provides protections to its transactional addresses through three types of Transactions:
    • Ring Signatures
    • Stealth Transaction
    • Ring CT

Which we will be discussing in detail in our further blogs.

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