Most Popular Mobile Games in the US

Mobile gaming may not have replaced console gaming in the US but it is a massive business. Some industry insiders predicted mobile gaming could replace the need for a consoles due to the convenience of playing on a mobile device and that is something that could happen in the future. The choice of mobile games is certainly comparable, if not superior to that of gaming consoles and below, you will find some of the most popular mobile games in the US.

If we go purely by the number of downloads, one of the most popular mobile games in the US at the beginning of 2022 was Airport Security. This game has been available to install for many years yet enjoyed over 1 million downloads in February 2022 alone. Airport Security sees you take the role of official security at an airport and your job is to keep the passengers and the airport safe and under control. Some passengers could be attempting to smuggle drugs and weapons onboard a plane or they could be using a fake passport. It is up to you, as the head of airport security, to find the criminals and ensure you do not unnecessarily bother innocent passengers. Airport Security is a lot of fun and you can find the game on both the Apple and Google Play Store.

Roblox is another mobile game available in the Apple and Google Play Store that has been available for some time. However, thanks to the nature of the game, it continues to be immensely popular in the US. The Roblox gaming app is free to install and you have endless possibilities at your fingertips as you can either create your own world or enter one of the thousands of worlds created by other players. Roblox is an online mobile game and you can search for adventures, compete with other users, or simply socialise with friends. You can customize your avatar with a vast array of faces and clothing items and use the blocks in the game to create any type of structure you want. Roblox is a massive MMO experience and one of the most popular mobile games in the United States.

Mobile betting is now legal in several states and that has seen the introduction of betting applications to the Google Play and App Store. Mobile sports or casino betting is legal in Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, Louisiana, and Colorado to name but a few. Taking New Jersey as an example, you will find top NJ online casino apps as rated on, including BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, Borgata, and Caesars. These gambling apps can be found on the Google Play and App Store in the US and come highly recommended for those wanting to play casino games on a mobile phone.

Among Us quickly rose to the top of the mobile gaming charts in the US. The game is based on a spaceship, with some innocent players who have tasks to complete and other players who are imposters and aiming to stop them. The imposters must try and blend in with the other innocent players and not get found out. Each imposter is hatching a plan to kill their fellow crew without being discovered and when a body is found, the players confer and decide which player to throw off the ship. The game is free to play on iOS and Android and is one of the most popular mobile games in the US.

Some of the other leading mobile gaming titles in the US right now include Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon Go, Coin Master, Genshin Impact, and Call of Duty.

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