Mozzart Bet Introduces The Largest Jackpot In Kenya

What would you do after winning 200 million KSH? It is the life-changing jackpot token at Mozzart Bet App.

Since the start of 2019, Mozzart Bet has been offering the most significant jackpot amount in Kenya. Before introducing the new mega millions jackpot, Mozzart had a daily pot. In this kitty, bettors won daily jackpot promotions even for nil correct predictions. If a player predicted all the 13 matches correctly, they pocketed ten million Kenyan Shillings. The sportsbook didn’t cut up the winnings from the kitty and promotions among those who are victorious.

Mozzart Bet created the largest in January 2021. Punters with a dream of hitting a life-changing massive jackpot can visit and start playing.

With a stake of 50 shillings only, bettors stand a chance of walking away with up to shillings two hundred million on the Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot. In this competition, bettors need to predict the final scores of 20 soccer games that the sportsbook predicts before.

In case more than one punter grabs the pot, the 200 million splits up in equal measure among the people who got all the 20 predictions correct. For instance, if two people predicted the jackpot correctly, each will receive one hundred million shillings.

The website’s Super Grand Jackpot comes with a wide variety of special promotions too. Bettors who correctly predict zero, 17, 18, and 19 games can claim cash promotions that the side splits up equally among the winners.

Players should know that this kitty comes with several T&Cs. It’s essential to read and understand them to ensure they’re playing the pot correctly.

If a game is interrupted, postponed, suspended, or abandoned of a single, two, or three games on the jackpot, the bookmaker uses a 1.00 odds on left games. If 4+ matches are left or canceled, the bookmaker can retract the pot at will. They’ll give back the stake money to the bettors.

If the betting site announces an odd of 1.00 for one, two, or three matches for reasons stated above, it shares/splits up the jackpot mount equally among the victorious members. Below are the winnings if a game is postponed :

  • 19 correct choices for a single postponed game becomes KSH 60 million
  • 18 right choices for two postponed matches is KSH 20 million
  • 17 right choices for three postponed matches is KSH 5 million

If at least a single game missed or announced with 1.00 odds for one or more fun for a particular reason, these games don’t count as a victory.

In the event of postponed matches or suspended matches in the kitty, the bookmaker will follow the T&Cs of BCLB.

Where to play the mega grand jackpot

Punters can place their jackpot wagers by visiting the sportsbook via their favorite browser, through the SMS number 29990, or at the Mozzart Application.

The Mozzart Mega Grand Jackpot is a superb chance to win a life-changing amount. Head over to Mozzart Bet, register, and start betting!

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