Online Casino Trends We Are Likely to See in 2023

As time passes and trends continue to develop, the gaming and online gambling world needs to develop too to keep their ideas fresh and their audiences returning for more. There are several different ways that we are likely going to see this in 2023, and these are going to be discussed in more detail below.

Upgrades to Slot MachinesĀ 

Online casinos will keep trying to expand their reach and this means getting more millennials to visit their sites. You only need to head over to a site such as to see how much choice the current market has when it comes to slots such as Bass Boss, Genie Jackpot and Down The Rails and this variety in slots are unlikely going to stop expanding. People enjoy having this amount of variation available because consumers are aware of just how much choice is out there, so when it can all be compiled onto the same site clearly and concisely, it attracts users.

We are also likely to see more advanced slot games become available more frequently as millennials are more interested in those that are more reliant on skill. This is because they are more familiar with video games and so want to experience something more immersive and challenging when they visit an online casino.

Slot Machine

Increased Use of Cryptocurrency

Crypto is becoming more and more popular. If you head over to, itā€™s clear that as well as the most popular bitcoin, there are several other versions of crypto out there, which is a clear reflection of just how popular it is becoming. Not only that but there are more and more places that have started accepting the use of crypto.

One of the first was Microsoft, and this led to a lot of gamers using crypto to purchase games and in-game updates. This had a trickle-down effect in the rest of the gaming world, specifically in the realm of online casinos, as there were a lot of websites that started letting players gamble for crypto rather than a fiat currency. As crypto continues to rise in popularity, we are only likely going to see this trend increase.

More VR-Based GamingĀ 

VR is also becoming more popular and is going to lead to a more immersive online casino experience for people. With more accessories available to the general public such as those listed on, the push for the development and evolution of VR-based casinos is coming quicker and quicker. It is only a matter of time before people get easy access to their online casinos through a VR headset.

This trend has already been set by Net Entertainment, who have proven recently that they can upgrade their popular Jack and the Beanstalk slot game to work in VR. Following this, there is a demand from consumers for more of their favourite titles to be released on VR.

virtual-reality-goggles - VR Games - GS

The Future of Online CasinosĀ 

As with any industry, as the future draws near adaptations need to be made to keep things fresh and exciting. This is going to happen for the online casino industry in several ways but some of the most prominent are introducing more VR-based games, upgrading slot machines and more sites allowing for the use of crypto.

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