Online Games Which Are Easy to Learn but Tricky to Master

Gaming has gone to whole new levels in 2022, with more and more people thronging to gaming lobbies for titles such as Call of Duty, Fortnite and Fall Guys.

While all these games are challenging in their own right, there are others that sometimes go under the radar due to their lack of crashes, bangs, and wallops. These other games are often easy to get started with, making them accessible to all, and yet are so beautifully formed that they can provide a genuine challenge for a player’s entire lifetime.

Here are some of the most wonderfully simple games in the world that also happen to be the toughest to master. So, grab your gaming snacks, choose your game, and settle in for the ride!

Chess Tests the Mental Agility of Even the Smartest Gamers

Chess is one of the most ancient games in the world, dating all the way back to 6th century India, when elaborate pieces were carved out of ivory and wood.

Getting the hang of how all the pieces move is one thing but learning how to plan multiple moves ahead is a true art, one that millions of people around the globe are continuously trying to get the hang of.

Chess has had something of an online renaissance of late, with sites such as and providing all the tools a player needs to move up through the game’s myriad levels.


Once you know how the various pieces move chess is simple enough to play, but people spend their whole life trying to master it

The Vagaries of Poker Continue to Enthrall

The modern incarnations of poker, such as the popular Texas Hold’em version of the game, cannot purport to be as old as chess, but they do provide a similarly rich gaming experience.

Once again, an understanding of the different poker rankings, one of the key elements of the game, is essential to get to grips with the game. While the game is easy to start playing, applying all the game theory and additional tactics that come into play at the more advanced levels is another matter entirely.

However, there are plenty of study tools available out there, which will continuously push you until you are ready to test your knowledge in live games or even online high-stakes tournaments. Just remember that variance may mean that even the best players can occasionally come up short in this game.


Poker was one of the first classic games to reinvent itself online, and it has never looked back since

The World’s Hardest Game

Okay, so there is nothing easy about learning or mastering this game, which does everything possible to live up to its name: The World’s Hardest Game.

The game’s premise seems simple enough, requiring the player to guide a red square past onrushing blue balls and collecting coveted yellow balls as they go.

It sounds easy but take a shot at it and you will soon realize that this is no game for the faint-hearted or those prone to frustration-induced stress. If the game is still not hard enough for you, then there is always The World’s Hardest Game 2 to have a crack at.

The Souls Series Takes Difficulty Up a Notch

The games mentioned so far on this list do not require cutting-edge graphics and gameplay to make them entertaining, but the open worlds of games Demon Souls and Dark Souls buck the trend, combining a highly immersive adventure/combat format with incredibly tricky levels and bosses to defeat.

What makes this game particularly unique is that your enemies can not only do damage to you during a fight but they are also capable of stealing all the upgrades and modifications you have made to your character, some of which you may have spent weeks or months collecting.

Frustrating? Absolutely. Worth persevering with? It depends how your patience holds up and how much time you have on your hands to pour into these extremely demanding and yet rewarding online games.

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