Online slots: what you need to know to win

The popularity of slots among visitors to the RedDog licensed casino and other popular gaming platforms is due to several reasons, one of which is the simplicity of the rules. The basic principle of playing RedDog slots is to spin the reels until winning combinations appear. Such machines are presented in the assortment of each gambling software developer, so gamblers have the opportunity to choose online slots according to their own criteria.

Most visitors to RedDog casino mostly evaluate games visually, without going into technical details.

To choose the right slots for real money, you need to know the main parameters and differences of slot machines.

Features of slots at RedDog: reels and paylines

The main characteristics of slots are the number of reels and paylines. The first reel games had three reels, each of which had one symbol.

Modern online slots can consist of six or more reels, and each reel can have more than four symbols. The most common versions are those with five reels and three symbols.

In the first versions, there was only one payline. Modern slot machines can have 9-10 paylines, although slots from some manufacturers contain several dozens or hundreds of winning combinations.

The explanation is as follows: while traditional slot machines read the chain of pictures from right to left, non-standard slot machines form prize combinations according to the cluster principle on the gridded playing field, i.e. randomly.

Types of slots:

  • Three reels are retro slots with simple rules that are easy to navigate even for beginners.
  • Five reels – the most common group of slots with additional features (Bonus, Wild, and Scatter) and an additional multiplier.
  • Seven reels – are rare and are not represented in every casino. As a rule, they do not provide for bonus rounds. They have a minimum number of lines – up to 10.
  • Nine reels – a rare type of slot with a non-standard design and additional bonus rounds. In this type of emulator with several playing fields and autonomous gameplay, a progressive jackpot is often drawn.

Visitors to RedDog Casino who prefer simple versions and clear rules usually choose slots with three reels, in which special symbols are often found.

Demo slots, which do not require registration, will help you to evaluate the complexity of the rules.

Free slots at RedDog: features and advantages

Free, or demo, games operate on the same algorithms as slots for real money.

They have a similar percentage of return, availability of bonuses, special symbols, etc. Using slots for free at RedDog casino, players have the opportunity to test the machines before starting to play for real money.

The advantages of free slots include

  • no risk due to the lack of knowledge of the features and mechanics of the machine
  • the ability to test strategies without losing money;
  • no need to register on the website;
  • the opportunity to feel the excitement without fear of spending money.

Experienced players test slot games in demo mode in order not to waste money and time.

Special symbols in online casino slots

Slot machines have two types of symbols:

  • standard symbols for forming prize combinations within a paid prize line;
  • special symbols with special functions.

Most often, slots have the following special symbols:

  • Wild – can replace any game symbol in a potentially winning combination.
  • Scatter – pays in any position.
  • Bonus – launches an additional round.

In some slots, the Wild symbol can expand to the entire reel or double the amount of winnings.

Scatter, or a scatter symbol, is able to form prize sequences regardless of the prize lines marked on the reels. After a scatter appears in the amount of at least 3, free spins are awarded.

Bonus in a certain amount starts a mini-game, usually dedicated to the theme of the slot, and takes place in several stages.

The functionality of some slots allows gamblers to succeed in a risk game. The peculiarity of the risk game is the opportunity to get a big win. But if a player loses, he or she loses the previous winnings.

To understand the peculiarities of special symbols and memorize their meaning, gamblers in a licensed RedDog casino usually start playing slots for free. And after learning the rules, they switch to real money.

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