Play Crazy Time on Roobet and get your Xbox pass code

Crazy Time is a very popular online game, which is one of the top games made by Evolution Gaming. It offers a great interface, intuitive use of every function, and of course a great potential for big winnings. A lot of online casinos propose this game, for example, Roobet casino, which allows everyone to play and have fun. What is this game about? In this article, we will talk about how this game was made, which bonuses it has, which strategies could be used to win on Roobet. Ready? Go go go!

How to play Crazy Time Roobet?

Crazy Time is a colorful game, which has a very simple interface, allowing you to play a few minutes after registration. Everyone can learn how to play even without reading the rules. What should you do to get started? Follow our guide:

  • Choose your chip size,
  • Think twice, and put you bet on any of 8 segments of the spinning wheel,
  • Once the spinning wheel stops, you will discover you winning following the segment you get (numbers, bonus game),
  • Your winning will also depend on the multiplier, which will be revealed before the wheel starts to spin.

Exciting, isn’t it? More you discover Roobet online casino with Crazy Time, the more you can get. Robot Crazy Time uses a wheel with 8 sections, which turns randomly. Your goal is to guess the section in advance to be able to win real money. In Roobet online casino, you will get an interactive game along with a real-time dealer. It makes the game even more interesting, as it is interactive and has a good ambiance.

Which features Crazy Time Roobet offers you?

The main power of Crazy Time is that this game is simple, but also has a lot of things to offer. It’s maybe the most interesting game in terms of bonuses you can get to win real money. Because there is a big chance the wheel stops on the bonus segment and offers you an unforgettable outcome along with the multiplier. So, what you could find in Roobet crazy time?


Crazy Time has a lot of bonuses, which offer real advantages in the game. Main bonuses are the following: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Multipliers. Every bonus offers a real opportunity to win big!

Cash hunt

This bonus offers access to 108 multipliers, which are generated randomly. It means that every player can win, because every Cash Hun’t multiplier is high, being covered by a special symbol. The goal is to guess the symbol with the highest multiplier.


A lot of players think that the multipliers are the most interesting part of Crazy Time. This game offers a possibility to get winnings up to x50… do you imagine that in Roobet crazy time odds?

Coin flip

Coin flip is maybe one of the easiest bonuses to get, because it’s quite easy to see the wheel to land on it. It’s an easy, but also rewarding bonus!

Where can you play Roobet?

If you ask yourself “where can I play Roobet?”, here you are, the answer will be given within 5 seconds. If you are looking for a Crazy Time game online but don’t know where to get it, sign in on Roobet casino online and start your round! Casino Roobet is one of the most popular places, where every Crazy Time’s fan will find what he seeks.

If you don’t know what “casino Roobet” is standing for, so go on the Internet and just search it which such keywords as “Roobet online gambling” or “Roobet gambling” or even “how to play Roobet”. You will find it very quickly, just believe us!

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