Playing It Safe – How online casinos are ramping up their security

The internet provides a fast and convenient way of getting things done – whether it’s for work or for pleasure.  As great as this is, there’s often a risk involved when paying for a product or service online and, many people have found themselves out of pocket as a result.  Around 1.6 billion people are using online casinos and betting sites at any given time – all of which are trusting their persona and payment information to these companies. With the betting industry becoming more and more focused on security for their customers and staff, we take a look at some of the ways that these businesses are ramping up their security in 2022:

A safe bet

Modern online casinos have a number of measures in place to ensure that gaming is secure for their customers and, these include:

Encryption – This technology ensures that a player’s financial information is kept secure and away from the prying eyes of hackers.

Firewalls – These are in place to protect the casino’s servers from cyberattacks.

Data Security – Advanced security measures to ensure that the casino is within the GDPR guidance.

Going the extra mile

While most online betting companies will have the kind of security in place that we’ve mentioned above, this is often not quite enough.  Advances in technology mean that cyber criminals are increasingly able to circumnavigate simple security measures.  Because of this, forward-thinking online casinos, like Casino LV BET, are looking to more advanced measures to keep customers safe and, this includes:

A more intelligent solution

Registration tends to be the danger zone for casino security as, currently, this process can be fairly basic. Many casinos are now getting onboard with artificial intelligence in order to:

Verify Age – AI uses cameras and programming to accurately assess a player’s age before registration is permitted.

Risk Assessment – Artificial intelligence gives casinos the ability to quickly check out a new player’s financial background through credit checks to establish whether the player will pose a threat to the site.

Catching The Cheats – AI can be programmed to identify certain behaviors of players in order to flag any potential signs of cheating.

Problem Gambling – As with the above point, this technology is able to analyze player actions in order to spot any signs of addiction or problem gambling.

Securing the future of online betting

In 2022, cyber criminals are more sophisticated than ever and, are using technology to find ways around even the most complex security. For online casinos, this means that they need to beat these criminals at their own game by harnessing the power of technology such as artificial intelligence to meet the trust that their customers expect and deserve.

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