Playing Roulette: Most Important Tips for Beginners

When it comes to online casino games, the online slots take the win without any doubt. However, the true enthusiasts who migrate from land-based casinos to online casinos prefer table games. And when it comes to table games, we cannot help but mention roulette, over and over again.

Roulette is such a casino game that hasn’t lost its charm in ages. It’s not going to. Since the inception of online casinos all over the world, Roulette become a part of the paradigm instantly.

If you have experience in the online casino industry, you must know what the game is all about. It’s a table game where you bet on number(s) and hope that your prediction will come true. This concept alone has given birth to ideas like Russian roulette and whatnot!

The purpose of our guide today is not to teach you how to play roulette. Rather, we have gathered some important tips for beginners on behalf of WildTornado Online Casino, one of the premier destinations for casino lovers.

Playing Roulette: The Most Important Tips for Beginners

This is the section where we’re going to list the tips for online casino roulette. Remember, these tips apply to both RNG and live dealer games.

Finding the Best Online Casino

Believe it or not, this is the most important step in figuring out how well your casino experience is going to be. You should certainly check out the WildTornado online casino. It’s a fantastic place for beginners to start their journey as there are plenty of games to choose from.

Another advantage of playing at this online casino is that you can rest assured your money and information is in good hands. The casino is properly licensed by the Curacao government. It also offers a reliable list of real money payment methods.

When you can dial in a convenient experience for your gambling needs, only then you can have the best online roulette experience.

Understand the Game Layout

As cliché as it may sound, we’ve seen many players try their hands at online roulette without understanding the game properly. While there’s no way we can stop you from doing that, we highly discourage it.

Roulette at its core is a relatively simple game but there are lots of rules, bet types, and payout ratios to keep track of. If you don’t understand the game inside and out, you’ll face difficulties finding the sweet spot for your gaming.

When you play at WildTornado online casino, you can expect to find European, American, as well as French Roulette titles. You can play all the RNG titles in demo mode to learn the mechanics without spending real money.

On the roulette page of the WildTornado online casino, you’ll find a handy guide on how the game works, the odds for the bets, and the payouts. That could be the perfect starting point if you’re not very well-acquainted with online roulette games just yet.

Go for Outside Bets Whenever You Can

In both online and offline roulette, there are 2 main distinctions of the bets. The inside bets and the outside bets. We have previously covered how both of the bets work. Among the 2, beginners should opt for the outside bets if there are no particular preferences.


Because outside bets have a higher probability of winning when compared to inside bets. For example, if you place your money in the number 17 to win, that’s a 1 in 37 probability for European Roulette and a 1 in 38 probability for American Roulette.

However, if you place money on a red number to win, that’s an 18/37 probability, giving you almost a 50% chance to win. Sure, the payouts are substantially low when compared to inside bets, you’re more likely to land winning combinations with outside bets.

Try European Roulette More Often

Unless you particularly like American Roulette for its “00” feature, you should stick to European roulette at online casinos whenever you can. There might be no differences between the payouts and the rules of both versions but American Roulette has a higher house edge. 5.26% to be precise.

On the other hand, European Roulette has only 2.70% house edge, almost half the American one. It surely doesn’t change your likelihood your winning or losing during the game, but it can help you retain your bankroll for longer.

Speaking of bankroll, the next tip is about bankroll management so pay attention.

Manage Your Bankroll & Spread Out the Bets

Roulette is an online casino game of bets. There are plenty of them and you can place almost all of them at once! This is something you don’t see very often with casino games. This unique characteristic of Roulette can drain your bankroll before you even realize it.

That’s why beginner needs to manage their bankroll. You can think of it as a continuation of the previous tip where we recommend sticking to outside bets.

Now, there are multiple outside bets. Namely, the colour bet, the even/odd, the high/low, and the column bet. In retrospect, all of them cost relatively low when compared to inside bets.

So, when you place multiple outside bets, let’s say $10 each in value, you expect at least 1 of them to win. Even if it’s an even-money bet, you’re not draining money fast. So, it can help you retain the bankroll for longer.

The $10 is just an example of a betting unit. When you have a large budget, it’s better to break it down into a smaller value and consider it your betting unit. Then, you can use those units all over your WildTornado online casino games.

Final Words

Playing online roulette is very straightforward. There are no complexities in the rules or no hidden paradigm that works against the players. It’s just that there are a lot of variables. For a beginner, keeping track of all of these variables is the ultimate challenge.

If you’re one of them and you’re having difficulty figuring out where to get started, you can follow our WildTornado online casino tips. We sure hope you find what you’re looking for.

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